With an Hourglass body you can call attention to your well-defined waist, but you may need to deemphasize your ample bust line in order not to appear top-heavy. You are flattered by soft, flowing, or "drape-able" fabrics and sophisticated lines that acknowledge your shape without adding bulk to your frame. 

Your only constraints are avoiding overtly sexy statements with clingy, body-hugging shapes, or confining your curves into tailored, boxy clothes that broaden you the dreaded "refrigerator-box syndrome!"Very full skirts are not a good choice for you since they add bulk where you don't need it. 

A slightly narrower skirt is necessary to balance your upper and lower torso. If very curvy, you can soften the line with long open over blouses, cardigans, and soft jackets that flow in a line from shoulder to thigh.You have an undefined waist, with similar bust, waist, and hip measurements. Your waist is usually no more than 8 inches different from your hips or bust whichever is smaller. Your hips are more square than Wholesale Extruder Screws Barrels rounded, and are probably widest just below the waist. You may not be very large-busted, but you may carry some weight through your upper back or neck.

 Your arms and legs are likely slim in comparison to the rest of your body and you probably aren't troubled by thigh bulges (also known as saddlebags.)Because your body tends to look large all over, and doesn't have a defined waist, you may feel less feminine than your more curvy sisters, Actually, you are easier to dress than some round bodies, since your body is very balanced.Clothing that falls smoothly and gently over the midriff flatters the Rectangle body most. 

You need to avoid boxy, stiff shapes that reinforce your straight lines. Look for styles that lend an illusion of an indented waist or flow past it altogether. Adjustable or hip-slung belts can work very well, as do dropped-waist styles, which give you a long line without losing body definition.You should keep your necklines and shoulder area interesting, and reinforce the vertical line in soft fabrics and flowing lines. Knits are your best friend!Rounded in shape, you are full in the bust, waist, and upper back, sometimes with a prominent tummy area. Your appearance is top-heavy, usually with a pronounced midriff, and a flat rear. You are wider at the high hip than the low hip. 

As a natural wedge shape, your bust and/or midriff is larger than your hips, and you tend to be short wasted, perhaps with a rounded upper bock (or "dowager's hump"). Most Apples have a large face in relation to their bodies, and comparatively slim arms and legs (your thighs are the narrowest point of your torso.)You need to dress your body in shapes that work with, not against, your own natural wedge shape. To do that, you can focus attention either at the shoulder/neck/face area, or at your hip and thigh/leg area. 

This is a case of emphasizing what works (your face, your great legs), and ignoring what doesn't (you can't create a waist where none exists!)As an Apple you have the most limited range of dressing options, but you can learn to make your natural assets work very, very well. Wedge-shaped dresses with shoulder attention and a narrow hem are made for you. The long-over-lean silhouette works perfectly for the Apple you're best in long blouson tops and leggings or narrow skirts. You should avoid set-in waists and belts, fitted jackets and fitted tops.

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