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Original Title: True Crime: Streets Of LA

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Thriller













































Loose cannon cop Nick Kang, suspended from the LAPD, becomes part of an elite police unit and defends the City of Angels from a plot involving the Chinese Triad and the Russian mob.
Nick Kang was an LAPD homicide detective, up until his indefinite suspension due to his "loose-cannon" style and multiple uses of excessive force and property damage. However, his old Chief has brought him back and offered him a job with the EOD (Elite Operations Division), a recently-founded special unit which has jurisdiction over all of Los Angeles. Nowthe EOD's first field agent, Nick can use the same over-the-top methods that got him suspended in the first place to take on the City of Angels' toughest criminals. In a wide, branching storyline, he'll have to stop powerful Russian and Chinese crime syndicates by driving, fighting and shooting his way through the streets of LA.
I really enjoyed playing True Crime it plays out like grand theft auto, but having you take the position of being a cop the creators did a very nice thing you go up to peoples cars and go police need to borrow your car. The game also isn't perfect it's kind of short not to short just don't think it's going to belongthe grand theft games and you'll love it. Ok to the story it's about a cop who is assigned a new partner. They don't get along at first, but then they start to get used to one another. The levels are really fun you can drive around destroying most of the city, you can make arrests which is cool, and for the people that can't pass a level and are tired of playing a level you can start another one. my advixe is to rent it first because you migh beat it and get bored of it I just rented it and I am going to tell all of my friends to buy this game and give it a try. *** and a half out of **** really good game.
This game looked like it would be fun from the previews I saw on television. Looked sort of like a Grand Theft Auto game, but with really cool martial arts fighting to change the pace along with the protagonist being a cop instead of a criminal. Which I would prefer thatI like to side with the law except after a particularly rough day working where playing a game where I can just use a sniper rifle or beat someone with a golf club relieves the tension. Unfortunately this game proves to be just to much unlike the Grand Theft Auto series to be fun. First of all the game is rather linear. Which I do not mind to much, the story is somewhat interesting. However, when you have to go someplace or something you end up compelled to go where needed, there is really no chance to explore the very vast and detailed rendering of Los Angelos. There are no collectibles to be found and the only time you sort of can roam is in between chapters where you are sort of pushed to go to shooting ranges or train in the martial arts. The fighting was also a disappointment in this gamethe previews made it out to be so fluid to do while the reality was the fighting was very choppy and difficult to do. The music was also not to my tasteit consisted mainly of rap and I just do not like that genre of music, rap and country both just do nothing for me. What is good though, the story if you play through it is somewhat good and a few of the shoot outs are great and really get the blood pumping. You get some different weapons in this one and for some reason flashlights on your guns. There is a good game there somewhere, but it needed more work seems they may have rushed this one out for a holiday release or something. Plenty of actors lend their voices to this one and there are a few times I chuckled at the very cheesy dialog. In the end though I sold this game back to Gamestop and have no urge to ever pick it up again.


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