They stress that the airport project quality first

However, the two cities are said to the World Cup before the start of the airport reconstruction project to complete.Brazil airport infrastructure companies, however, argues that although the airport project is generally slow, but there are completely during the World Cup under the condition of traffic Fifa 16 PS4 Coins.

They stress that the airport project quality first, the airport engineering construction company all know the importance of the World Cup, but at the same time, emphasis on "the goal is not only the World Cup, but the airline industry" in Brazil.Brasilia, Sao Paulo, natal 3 city airport is not shall be the responsibility of the airport infrastructure company, but shall be borne by the private sector, by Brazil's presidential palace secretariat of civil aviation and the national civil aviation administration of China is responsible for the supervision, the three cities of projects have been completed by more than 70% at present.

Brazil, a vast, but the railway and highway passenger transportation is not developed, traffic between domestic cities mainly by air.More Cheap Fifa 16 Coins and 2016 Brazilian World Cup news you can find from   Brazilian demonstrated against hold of 2016 World Cup Brazilian government spend 800 million dollars to ensure World Cup safety Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins.

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