The Speed Demon Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

The Speed Demon Full Movie In Hindi Free Download >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Speed Demon

Genge: Action,Horror,Thriller








































A mysterious driver in a muscle car with a demonic hood ornament hunts down a gang that has taken over a small town.
didn't know what i was getting into when i watched Speed Demon the other night.

i laughed throughout the entire, campy, homo erotic, supernatural, racer movie. the acting was stilted, the dialog worse, the concept a rip-off of so many other horror/suspense/action films,

but the film is so recommendable because it turns the tables on the 'straight' horror film whose only purpose is to show gratuitous female sexuality and pain. what's wrong with male eye-candy? absolutely nothing. it's a double- standard in the film business where the women are allowed to take it all off but the men should never reveal everything because it makes the straight male audience uncomfortable. The concept was sort of intriguing, which drove me to watch Speed Demon in the first place regardless of what the quality was like. Apart from that and that it started off alright, there is nothing really to recommend about Speed Demon. I hated for starters how the movie looked, the camera work and shots would work well in a rock video but it was far too obtrusive and nauseating here. I wasn't expecting the effects to be particularly great, but the look of them in Speed Demon gives the impression that the makers didn't even try. The sound effects were bizarre and destroyed any kind of suspense or any kind of terror as once the sound effects were incorporated the movie just became even more predictable than it already was. The story has no atmosphere or life to it with too many ridiculous moments to name or count, giving no distinction whatsoever to the characters so they became cardboard cut-outs that you could feel no empathy for. While the script reeks of enough cheese to fill the biggest and tallest cheeseburger you'll find in the world. The acting is atrocious, there's the vibe that the actors knew the script and movie would be bad and the consequence is that they take things far too seriously. The direction is similarly inept, concentrating too much in making our heads ache with the camera work and editing used and paying no attention to the pace or to the credibility of the characters and story. Overall, apart from an intriguing concept and an alright start Speed Demon is unwatchable dreck. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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