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Original Title: The Gatling Gun

Genge: Action,Drama,Western














































Two backstabbing deserters steal a Gatling Gun from their cavalry unit to attack an Apache tribe and steal their gold. They get help from a naive pacifist pastor. Meanwhile, both the cavalry and the Apache go after them - and the Gun.
I'm a die-hard Robert Fuller fan so having this DVD in my collection is great for me. Also the movie stars Pat Buttram and John Carradine, both of whom I have enjoyed their works for many years. If you really love all westerns and are into B movies then this is a movie for you. I think that the Indians got a raw deal in the movie all around. If I were the director I would have beefed the story up more. I also would have cast Fuller in the lead. And yes, I admit it I'm partial. I think that John Carradine played the part of the minister really well and of course Pat Buttram is always true to himself and always entertaining. The women in the movie alone would strike up a good debate about how women really were during that time period and how they are portrayed on the silver screen.
"The Gatling Gun" was originally titled "King Gun" and shot in 1969, but not released till 1971. It's a cavalry vs. Indians Western focusing on the eponymous weapon with a great cast of familiars -- Guy Stockwell, Robert Fuller, Phil Harris, Woody Strode, Patrick Wayne, John Carradine, Pat Buttram and BarBara Luna (from Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror") -- highlighted by curvy redhead Judy Jordan, to say the least.

Critics write it off as "routine" and akin to a TV Western. True, it is Grade 'B' and comic-booky, so proceed with caution. BUT the notable cast clicks and the story delivers the goods, as far as Western (melo)drama & action goes.

It's essentially a survival tale of a small group of soldiers and civilians who team-up to survive a desert trek threatened by Two-Knife (Carlos Rivas) and his rogue tribe. If you're a sucker for desert-survival tales (like me), such as "Sands of the Kalahari" (1965), "Flight of the Phoenix" (1965), "Escape from Zahrain" (1962) and "They Came to Cordura" (1959), you'll probably appreciate "The Gatling Gun," as long as you can forgive the TV budget (although it's not technically a TV movie and was dubiously released to theaters). It's not as good as the first three, but it's more entertaining than the last one. While "Cordura" is a more serious production with overall superior production values, it's also more hokey in a lame 50's Western sense.

The trek through the desert features a lot of drama but the movie ends with a bang as the group squares-off against Two-Knife and his braves. Stockwell stands out as the alpha male Army Lieutenant who naturally attracts the babe (Jordan), whereas Fuller is effective as Private Sneed, done-in by his own lust for filthy lucre.

The film runs 87 minutes and was shot at Eaves Movie Ranch and Ghost Ranch near Sante Fe, New Mexico. DIRECTOR: Robert Gordon. WRITERS: Mark Hanna & Joseph Van Winkle.


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