Students review the best universities from China

Students review the best universities from China

University rankings are great, but you still need to make a choice between all these universities. And it’s not easy. To make it less complicated, check out a few reviews of these universities left by former students:To get more news about best university in china for mba, you can visit official website.

Student from Tsinghua University

“Studying in the Department of Physics at Tsinghua University is challenging but rewarding. You have the world's best teachers and smartest peers. Thus you can always learn a lot not only from the lectures but also from your fellow students. Overall, it is a paradise for anyone who loves science. Besides the knowledge about physics, I have learned how to cooperate with others and conduct scientific research in Tsinghua. Everyone in Tsinghua is kind and always ready to offer help. I think the friends I have in Tsinghua will be my best friends in the rest of my life. In a word, studying at Tsinghua University has been the best experience I have ever had!”

Student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

“Antai College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has provided me with an excellent platform to pursue my academic life. I believe the largest benefit I've gained is the well-designed curriculum, including finance, economics, maths, and programming language courses as major courses and various elective courses in the field of economics, management, and international trade. I've accumulated abundant knowledge and skills in order to achieve further study and to achieve career goals. Also, SJTU offers exceptional career and alumni resources. The career coaching offered by the career development team helped me spot my unique interests and enhance career-related skills. And there are numerous chances to network with alumni, helping me to obtain precious perspectives and suggestions from predecessors and become prepared to be an outstanding candidate for my future career.“

Student from Zhejiang University

“At first, it was challenging and overwhelming due to the change of environment, the new language, different food and lifestyle. But studying here has made me improve not just my medical knowledge but my personality. I've become more patient, hardworking, tolerant, understanding, just to mention a few. I'll be graduating next year so I'm trying to study harder and learn as much as I can while I utilize every opportunity at my disposal. Sincerely, my study experience has been life-transforming. I've learnt so much that it's made me want to enlighten and teach others too.”

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Comment by malassia on April 12, 2021 at 3:12pm

由于疫情,很多学校只能在网上上课,大学也需要寻找新的考试方式。最近有必要扩大作业写作的服务范围,因为有online exam代考 的需求。许多人反对在学校使用这种考试方法,因为他们觉得有太多的缺点。今天,我们想让您相信在线考试的利大于弊。虽然那些支持传统学习方法的人觉得线上考试不如线下考试有效,但线上提问有几个明显的优势。第一,线下考试需要大量的资源,包括考场、试卷、人力资源等等。网上考试成本很低,因为几乎所有阶段都是自动化的。比如学生考完试,老师会花几个小时批改成绩。但是online考试系统可以自己计算分数。


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