South Park Stick of Truth was a surprising hit

Speed reboot.But, unless NFS, developers atUbisoft Reflections studio worked and worked getting it to a much better standard.In fact, last month Ubisoft announced on Twitter that the game had surpassed  NBA 2K18 MT  million players and with fans of the game playing more than tens of thousands of years' worth of in-game hours and taking over 30,000 in-game pictures daily.So it still has a good audience ready and waiting to play this sequel. Let's just hope it can deliver.MARIO & RABBIDS KINGDOM BATTLEAgain 

this has been leaked pretty extensively over the last few weeks, so most audiences have a good idea of what to expect, but we're yet to see gameplay, so that's one big plus and something to loo   Buy NBA 2K18 MT  out for.In short though for anyone who doesn't know already, Mario & Rabbids kingdom battle is a new game for Nintendo Switch, said to bean RPG that mixes exploration and turn-based combat.You have eight playable characters  including Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi  and

they each have their own sci-fi weapons, laser guns, arm cannons, to use.It's possible the game could also launch this August, but we'll likely find out the release date and more details in a few short hours.SOUTH PARK: THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLEThe game was delayed from last year and even though we're not sure how much more of the RPG we can realistically see at this stage, the original South Park Stick of Truth was a surprising hit.

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