Popularly referred to as the Prince of Poker, Scotty Nguyen is one of the all-times most successful professional poker players in the world. Not only that, he is also one of the most famous in the industry. The fifty five years old Scotty has earned five different World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and he is also the only poker player to have ever won both the $50,000 Player's Championship event and the Main Event. Emerging from a humble beginning, Scotty Nguyen net worth and poker career are worth exploring. In this article, we will be looking at the early life, poker career, net worth, personal life, and career highlights of this poker guru. 카지노사이트

Scotty Nguyen is a Vietnamese American poker player who is famous for his various winnings at poker events. The eldest of 13 children, Scotty was born on the 28th of October, 1962 in NhaTrang as Thuan Nguyen at the period of the Vietnam War. From a tender age, he had made up his mind not stay long in the war torn country. It wasn not a surprise therefore that he jumped at the opportunity when his mother asked him to go to Taiwan. He left for Taiwan at the age of 11 and between this age and till he became 13, he spend most of his time engaging in manual labor so he could save enough money to move to America. He enrolled in school but he didn not stay long as he was expelled due to the fact that he wasn not doing well at school. For Nguyen, making money from underground poker games was more important than spending hours gazing at books anyway, so he didn not think much about his expulsion from school.

When he reached the age of fourteen, he got a family in America that gave him a foster home. His foster family was called a sponsor family because the plan was for them to take care of him to the point where he could take care of himself before releasing him. His foster family resided in Chicago, USA. However, as soon as Scotty got to Chicago, he knew that the city would be too cold a place for him to live. It wasn not long that he started looking for another sponsor family in a part of the country that has a warmer climate. He finally got a foster family in Orange County, California and he moved in with them.

When he arrived in his foster home, he was enrolled in school but after a few days in school, he charted a course for himself; a course that took him to where he is today. While in school, Nguyen began to learn how to play poker and he developed a passion for this game to the point where he lost interest in anything academics. Instead of staying in class and studying, Scotty would be found in an empty room or in the back of his classroom playing poker games with his schoolmates. He faced constant reprimands and suspensions from the school, and when the principal discovered that he was not ready to change, he kicked him out of school. From the time Nguyen started playing poker, his sight was set on Las Vegas. Since he has been kicked out of school and his sponsor family released him to go wherever he want, he picked his bag and went to Las Vegas where he got a job waiting tables at Harrah's Casino, Las Vegas. When he arrived in Las Vegas, he discovered that his beautiful dream of the city is not materializing but he consoled himself with the fact that he is in the city where he wanted to be the most. He became Scotty at this time due to the fact that his boss couldn not pronounce his first name and he gave him a new name. While working at Harrah's Casino, Scotty was given an opportunity to start dealing in poker. Apart from dealing in poker, he was also heavily involved in playing the game and most times, he gambled all his income. According to Nguyen himself, he was a fish at this period of his life. Although he was losing his incomes at games, he still kept at it. He enrolled in a dealer school and graduated at the age of twenty one. After leaving dealer school, he was given a job at Harrah's poker room where he made a $150 USD per night and lost almost all of it gambling at $3-$6 stud.

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