Raw Food Diet - Mother Nature's Way to Detox and Have Beautiful Health

A noted hair stylist says bangs are the best way to hide lines on your forehead. Dipping beneath the brow line will actually hide a sagging brow and a sidestep bang draws attention away from little lines by the eyes. Always discuss with your stylist your face shape to end up the most flattering style but be sure to include bangs.Perhaps the major areas to work on as we age are the eyes. Nouvebelle Anti Aging Cream A good, true all natural eye cream is a beauty must-have. Since the cream is applied to the thin skin beneath the eyes, it is imperative a high-quality, all natural, even organic product be used.Since a lot of inferior facial moisturizers contain potentially sensitizing ingredients in high concentrations, avoid applying them under the eye area. Absolutely make sure the products do not contain coal-tar colors listed as FD&C or DNC on the label. In this case, the FDA actually prohibits their application around the eyes because they can irritate or even harm the eyes.http://www.skinphysiciantips.com/nouvebelle-anti-aging-cream/

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