Putuo delivers major work objectives on 2018’s round of reform and opening-up

Putuo delivers major work objectives on 2018’s round of reform and opening-up
PUTUO District in Shanghai’s northwest downtown has completed the objectives and tasks set for 2018 with high-quality development, livelihood and urban management, said Zhou Minhao, director of Putuo.Find the more Putuo District news from SHINE.

When reviewing the major work under­taken last year in the government work report, Zhou pointed out Putuo’s regional economy remained stable and performed better than expectations. The total fiscal revenue was 35.8 billion yuan (US$5.26 billion), a 6.64 percent increase on 2017. Its district-level revenue has increased by 5.5 percent to 11.4 billion yuan.

The proportion of modern service industry in district-level tax revenue increased by 4.72 percentage points over the previous year. The proportion of real estate business in the district’s revenue has dropped by 4.76 percent.

It was the first time that the contribution of a modern service industry has surpassed the real estate to Putuo’s regional economy, Zhou told legislators and political advisors in the report.

Putuo has actively completed the new round of reform and opening-up objectives of the city. The district hosted the Yangtze Delta Industry Innovation Summit in November and jointly launched the Yangtze River Delta Industry Innovation League with seven neighboring cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces.

It has implemented 18 measures among the city government’s 100 newly released measures to expand its opening-up. The district also released 12 guidelines and reduced the institutional trade costs to support the healthy development of a private economy.
Putuo has also focused on its differentiated development to promote the “Shanghai brands” in the service, manufacturing, shopping and cultural sectors. A three-year plan has been made to highlight the city’s brands along with 10 projects to improve the performance and reputation of Putuo.

Intelligent software, research and development service and scientific finance have become key industries of Putuo and got involved in the city’s industrial map. A number of new commercial landmarks have been promoted, including the Changfeng urban resort, Changshou Bay and the Global Harbor Mall, which has been listed as one of the 10 gathering sites for the debut of global products.

By hosting the Internet Summit of the 2018 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival and 2018 China Voice Conference, Putuo has created a cultural brand of the “18 Bays of Suzhou Creek” for the development of Internet film and audio industries.

Scientific innovation remains a focus of Putuo. The former site of the prestigious Shanghai Hero Pen factory is set to be redeveloped into the first phase of China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Harbor for Chinese and Israeli high-tech companies. The district has also launched a Sino-Israel Innovation Fund to mainly support new startups.

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