Regardless of whether pouches arrive horizontally and with the wide side first, horizontally and with the narrow side first, or upright - the Innopack CMP system responds accordingly. The machine is able to process pouches filled not only with liquid but with powdery or clumpy products as well. The machine packs pouches at a rate between 60 and 250 pouches per minute, with pouch sizes ranging from 90 mm wide and 100 mm high up to 200 mm wide and 250 mm high. The Innopack CMP can also fill cartons with pouches at a maximum of 30 cartons per minute. The pouch packs are conveyed suspended within the machine and are held equalised by transport cartridges in compartments. Servo technology is used to position the conveying cartridges exactly above the secondary packaging readied by the cartoning station. The Innopack CMP is also able to pack mixed packages if required and is characterised by low space requirements: it can be perfectly integrated into existing systems. In addition, this system offers further advantages such as extremely gentle product handling, continuous operation, and quick air pro

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