Nuts and seeds are rich in vitamin E

Nuts and seeds are rich in vitamin E that boosts brain function and corresponds with less cognitive decline. Nuts and seeds also offer a large dose of monounsaturated fat that is heart healthy and promotes blood flow. A caveat is that nuts and seeds are very high in good fatBrain Peaklimit the amount. Choose unsalted if you have hypertension. "Almonds, walnuts and peanuts are very good but choose a variety," she says. Suggested serving: about one-fourth cup or one ounce a day.6. Avocados "" Although avocados got a bad rap for having a lot of fat several years ago, the green fruit is actually very healthy all around. They"re packed with monounsaturated fat but it"s good fat. Avocados also have a lot of antioxidants and some amino acids (protein), help lower blood pressure and help reduce inflammation. "I suggest putting them on a sandwich, in a salad or on your salmon for a double brain boost." Suggested serving: one-quarter to one-half of


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