NBA 2K19 Auction House Guide - How to Unlock Auction House and Make NBA 2K19 MT Fast?

NBA 2K19 Auction House Guide - How to Unlock Auction House and Make NBA 2K19 MT Fast?
If you are looking to play the nba 2k19 MT cheap MyTeam game mode, you will most likely need to use the Auction House to sell and buy new cards. If it is possible to earn MT points and succeed with auctions, some pitfalls must be avoided. Follow the guide!

Note that we also realized a quick guide on MyTeam and how to get started on this game mode.This year, the MyTeam mode of NBA 2k19 knows many changes including a first limitation on access to the Auction House. Indeed, it must now be unlocked by winning matches online.

This blocking could limit some players who do not enjoy playing online or who do not have a subscription to the PSN for example. In addition, it is necessary (for the moment at least) to win matches and not only to participate, an additional barrier for more casual players.

Note that for players in Belgium or the Netherlands, the Auction House is permanently blocked (like lootboxes) since the decisions on gambling in these two countries.If it is possible to lose a lot of money (NBA 2k19 MT coins as real money) with auctions, it is also possible to increase its total MT points by following some rules and principles of the market.

→ Try to observe prices to determine which cards are sold cheaper than their usual price

→ Bet on cards where you are sure to make a large enough profit (at least 30%) because there is a tax on the resale of a card

→ Avoid betting on "big" cards (usually above gold / ruby in quality) as they are often too expensive for the majority of players, who will not be able to buy them (unless they are at least 50 % less expensive than their usual price)

→ On the other hand, ruby and gold cards are generally the ones that sell best but also those where it is possible to double or triple its stake in the first days of play

→ Aim bids ending in the night or early morning (less traffic)

→ Prices may move a lot over the next two weeks, so try to be responsive to price changes by noting estimates of some day-to-day

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