Less important than AC Sockets Manufacturers

4. Less important than AC Sockets Manufacturers who you know in my opinion is WHO KNOWS YOU. And how often you are on their mind, doing little things to connect and add value in business and to their lives. Want a fuller explanation of how the very exercise we're doing is part of a process that can put more LIFE in your business and CASH in your pocket? Read the sections on "pinging" in Keith Ferrazi's book "Never Eat Alone." It's awesome.

5. If you have strong enough relationships that are more CONNECTIONS than acquaintances, you can pick up the phone and reach just about anyone who has a certain specialty knowledge or expertise you need (example: hard money lender, SEO professional, social media consultant, top-notch handyman, etc.) in a few hours, even if you don't already know that person... just by working contacts you've turned into CONNECTIONS and asking for a referral.

6. I do more business with contacts who I turn into connections that have the possibility of becoming FRIENDS than I do with strangers. It's more powerful, cheaper, less hassle, and more fun. Plus, you're less likely to have someone breach your trust and "screw you" if you work closely with people who you've carefully cultivated a relationship with.

7. I get thank you notes in the mail all the time. Why? Well first of all, I send them. Second of all, people are always looking to RECIPROCATE for the value I pour into their life and business with ideas, referrals, connections and buying their products and services.

8. Below are some emails in response to my pinging and value-creation efforts to connect with people who were referred to me via email. I spoke with one person I was impressed with. In a 30 minute consult, she gave me an idea that with less than 4 hours of my work should add 1-2,000 dollars revenue per month to our company bottom line, perpetually and passively. At the end of our call, she refused to let me pay her (perhaps because of how much value I gave her back?), and said in effect "Let me know how I can make YOU money or help your students in ANY way".

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