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HUSH is a challenging action-adventure video game inspired by childhood fears, nightmares and dreams alike. It’s time to face your fears.

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Title: Hush
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Game Studio 78
Game Studio 78
Release Date: 29 Jul, 2015


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I think this game is playable, but to much BUG, example : a monster, moving, controller with joystick. Please correct the BUG, so i believe the people want this game.. I hate to give a thumbs down but. I was enjoying it in the beginning so much, but then it just went downhill from there. experiencing bugs, difficult maneuvering, confusion over controls. here's the gist of what I think: Storyline: It had potential. I was very hooked on what was going on and why things were happening the way they were, but there no progression to the story. The little girl (whose name I still don't know) walks around fighting off barrel monsters, flying books, and suitcase things, but this portion of the game did not tell me what the heck was happening! Also, the game was SO SHORT. If I evaded all monsters and progressed through the story, it honestly could be finished in half an hour, if not less. Worth $10?! Rating: 6/10 August 6 update: The little girl's name can now be found by interacting with a few of the kids in the beginning. Gameplay/controls: DIFFICULT. The developer is adding an update tomorrow (July 31) on an improvement for controls, but both keyboard and joystick (I used a ps3 controller) modes were not the greatest. I'd say keyboard mode would be easier overall, since you can only use one analog stick to move AND look around. However, you can't LOOK around when you're using the keyboard mode (at least, I didn't find a way to). There were a few objects in-game that you could simply walk right through, so there's a few bugs there as well. ---Fighting monsters: There is not enough area of effect for your attacks! You have to get RIGHT in the monster's face to deal damage, while their AOE is noticeably larger. The flying books were also a huge nuisance. Maybe it was my style of attacking, but I got hit at least once every time I attempted to knock down those monsters. Rating: 3/10 Graphics: I LOVED THE ANIMATIONS, especially the cutscenes, it was beautiful! The gameplay graphics were okay, but there's nothing I would call out and say "that sucked". This is probably the best feature of this game. Rating: 8/10 Overall: Needs quite a bit of work. I'm aware the game will continue later on (PLEASE DO NOT CHARGE MONEY FOR THE NEXT PART.), but I think the gameplay needs severe work and the story needs to develop more. Why is this happening, who am I controlling, WHERE AM I GOING?! I would say try it out for yourself if you don't think this review is helpful, but I don't think it's worth $10 for a game that could realistically be finished in half an hour or less. This is about 5.7/10 for me. A two-part gameplay: Initially looking at this game, I was really intrigued. The game looked really interesting and different so I thought I'd try it out. As much as I wanted to like this game, I just couldn't. The combat is probably the worst aspect of this game (not to say I couldn't find more wrong with it) the mechanics are For one your character is extremely slow in attacking which is a fatal flaw in my opinion, and although you can figure out the enemie's attack patterns and (more or less) dodge their attacks I've found that some things that definitely shouldn't have hit me have (I think this is due to the animation being off) Another thing that bothered me was that you have to wait several seconds before you are allowed to roll/dodge again whIch I feel like puts you at a further disadvantage since your character is so slow.. greeat game. soooooooooo laggy. I want to like it. but i can't.. This game has some of the worst controls I have suffered in recent memory which is a shame because the concept is definitely there to impress. You jump between third person sections in which tapping either the A or D key will send the camera ballistic, circling you like a desert buzzard, and an isometric top down view which is a little better except when you're in combat. Which is mostly. I get that some games are better with a pad but that shouldn't be a free license to just make the game unplayable in WASD. That's like if I bought a cereal that suggested it was 'Better with full fat milk' but then I ate it with semi-skimmed because it was all I had and it gave me syphilis. I can take a challenge. I thrive on them but in a game where walking in the dark (which you have NO choice but to do at several points) drains your already meagre life bar before you even reach the first enemies (six in a room, about five hits to kill at close range, will beat the freckles off of you whether you dodge or not), the challenge doesn't come from competent design. It comes from the saint-like patience you require not to throw your keyboard through the screen. I've tried to demonstrate it as best as I can below. Feel free to watch. The game isnt expensive and it's from a small indie developer so I don't expect a goty. The storyline and the idea of this game are fun and the graphics are decent. Graphics: 6/10 Controls: 3/10 Storyline: 7/10 Price in comparison with game quality: 7/10 bugs/glitches: 9/10 This game get's a 6,4 out of 10 from me. I was just so frustrated with the keyboard keys. They where not smooth and my playstation 4 controller wasn't supported. Overall opinion: If you really love indie games i'd say go for it but if you are a sort of neutral gamer(who isn't really that much into indie games) then I wouldn't recommend this game.. The combat is pretty horrible because it takes so long to attack, especially in a combo, and that's coupled with the fact that there are so many monsters you have to fight regarless of whether you can have the willpower to try and make it to a save point because they reset after you heal/save. There are also a few bugs that are pretty serious to the gameplay like losing the ability to dodge roll and running around in the darkness as you would normally in the light (you are supposed to be slowed in the dark), leaving the game via alt + tab glitches the game to the point where you have to exit it to be able to play it again, and if you happen to accidently talk to someone while running away from a monster it kills you because you have to finish the dialouge before you can even move again. In conclusion, the atmosphere created by the great graphics are completely smothered by the tedious gameplay and many bugs.

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