High Quality Nootropics PRL-8-53 99% PRL 8-53 Powder

High Quality Nootropics PRL-8-53 99% PRL 8-53 Powder

PRL-8-53 powder exact mechanisms of action are not well understood, but it is generally believed to regulate the brain's production of and response to several crucial neurotransmitters. In his reports on human and animal studies Hansl indicated that PRL-8-53 potentiates dopamine, partially restricts production of serotonin, and enhances the brain's response to acetylcholine.

Though Hansl's research report on the 1978 human study suggests those actions, it does not clearly delineate the mechanism of action.The fact that older subjects saw the most nootropic benefit from taking the drug supports the concept that dopamine modulation plays a major role in PLR-8-53's effects. Up-regulating the normal age-related lessening of dopamine production that is associated with cognitive decline could have a significant positive impact on both learning and memory.

Product Name: PRL-8-53
CAS NO.: 51352-87-5
MF.: C18H22ClNO2
MW: 319.82578
Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder
Purity: 99% min by HPLC

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