Forge Of Gods (RPG) Torrent Download [hack]

Forge Of Gods (RPG) Torrent Download [hack]

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About This Game

GODS are not born, they are made by YOU! Join the action in this highly addictive multiplayer card strategy RPG “FORGE OF GODS”! Collect and train as many monsters as you can to assemble the greatest team and burst through hordes of enemies in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced game! Conjure powerful dragons, sturdy warriors and exotic beasts to fight for you in the land of Pangea! Are you ready for battle?

Kill enemies! Capture souls! Evolve them! FORGE army of GODS! Be THE BEST!

  • Unique tactical battle system to test your strategic skills!
  • 1000+ creatures with unique skills!
  • Mix different types of creatures to breed legendary warriors!
  • 100+ locations with unique setting and style!
  • Great skill-based PVP duels with rankings, streaks and tournaments!
  • Active guilds with upgrades, raids and guild wars!
  • Tons of quests and achievements to complete with good rewards!
  • Build beautiful castle to fit your desires!

Rush to FORGE your own GODS in this huge and dangerous fantasy world of Pangea!
Enjoy spectacular new challenges every day you log on!

Also you can check our other NEW projects. Chibi-style fancy card collectable RPG Mighty Party and exciting VR-shooter Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot VR.

Panoramik Inc. has been making games since 2005. We specialize in creating different types of games, ranging from casual ones up to mid core.


Title: Forge of Gods (RPG)
Genre: Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy
Panoramik Inc
Panoramik Inc
Release Date: 6 May, 2016


oh hell yeah. Very good game.. Its one of those mobile games where you collect enemies, then fuse and evolve them ect. you build a little party up then it turn marches side scroller and auto attacks. you can move your troops around and choose who gets what buffs that drop, and theres a few skills based on collectables...but thats about all the interaction in the battle. minor strategy.

its not as ♥♥♥♥♥♥ as you would expect from a mobile game, it has reasonable mix of strategy and ability to not pay attention and play...if thats what you are looking for.

its a total pain evolving, due to collecting other enemies then having to level them to combine to win has deminishing returns and will really get you maybe one or two rare troop types that you wont be able to evolve without paying massive amounts of money to get more of those rare troop types to fuse and evolve.

anyway if your looking for one of those moble games that make you wait for energy to grind for things to collect and fuse /evolve monster collector type games, that has a reasonbly pleasureable and easy gameplay combat that has some minor strategy and interaction possiblities....this isnt all that bad.

however just like all these games, youll reach a wall on progress that only money can overcome and youll get bored and move on, so try not to spend a lot your first few days playing when the games all awesome and great.. Nice Game !!!. Basically my experience with the game has been a back and forth between loving it and just wanting to remove it all together. Sure it's a very pay to win type of game but that's pretty obvious at this point with a lot of free to play steam games. The thing that is horrible about it is that even if you do pay a lot, the kind of rewards you get for paying never really feel worth it. A lot of the DLCs for the game I got for free and even then... I'd just kind of shrug at what came in the packs and continue going on in the game. Also, I've come to notice that whenever I try PVP in the game, there is a certain character who is just WILDLY OVER POWERED. I guess earlier this year there was a limited time that people could get her and a lot of new players to the game got her. Me... someone who already has ~57 hours in the game can singularly be DESTROYED WITH EASE by someone holding that character who maybe only needed to put 2 hours into the game AT MOST to get her.

TL;DR: The only reason I don't recommend the game is because it's very grindy and even if you grind your life away at it, It feels too broken to be satisfying. I only keep putting time into it because I already got this far and I get so little out of life that at this point I'm content with disappointment like this.. meh game is ok i got 2 dlcs for free so its easy. Forge of Gods is a game where you collect many different monsters and fuse them together to make better ones. You use these monsters to complete stages in a linear fashion but there is also multiplayer within the game that allows you to test your team setups against other players. The game includes:

- A massive roster of monsters to chose from
- An in-depth evolution and leveling system for players looking for calculating gameplay
- Guilds and PvP to allow for player interaction
- Addictive gameplay with daily quests and bonuses
- Responsive developer team

In my personal experience, I had an issue with the game that probably hasn't happened to many other players. I emailed the devs through the in-game support tab, and within 24 hours my issue was fixed.

Forge of Gods Update 14.12.2016:

General changes:

✔ Added a "GVG Shield" item in Workshop. It costs contribution and player, who is protected by this shield, can't be attacked in GVG until he starts the GVG fight, then this shield will be broken and player will get an opportunity to buy it again for the higher price. The price multiplier is reseted at the beginning of the new week. Dev's note: We made this feature for players who want to stay in their guild when they go on vacation(etc), but don't wanna be free GVG points for opponents.
✔ The old tourney creatures were removed from Amber and Mega Amber crypts and added to Rankings and Guilds crypts;
✔ The drop chances of Shadows and Hybrid creatures in Rankings and Guilds crypts were extremely decreased;
✔ The unleveled creatures are now stacked. It works only for 1 level creatures(the same for the fruits and shadows), and doesn't work for maxed creatures;
✔ The maximum number of army slots was increased by 200;
✔ The meat in the reward box can now be withdrawn by 50 units stack;


✔ A lot of fixes and improvements for the chat;
✔ PM button redirects from "Friends" window to the new PM chat
✔ Added a special context menu with different emoticons in the chat window


✔ Circe, The Reality Corruptor
AP value was increased;
✔ Added a new warlord for Human race;
✔ Added a new creature for Human race;


✔ Fixed an issue where "Max army" boost from Workshop didn't work sometimes;
✔ Fixed an issue where "Max food" boost from Workshop didin't work sometimes;
✔ Fixed a lot of GVG bugs;
✔ Fixed an issue where training fight from ranking window is counted as losess in player's info;
✔ Rage tooltip is now dispalyed correctly in the PVP window;
✔ Added low-level Dragon's Sanctuary Boss;

. Forge of Gods Update:

✔ Rewards in "Mysterious Wanderers" raid were changed;
✔ "Mr. Crabs, Diamond Shell" - skill values decreased;
✔ The following creatures got evo-recipes:. Important News!:

We apologize for keeping you in the dark for a long time.

Our team has a very important news for you!

Unfortunately, there will be no more updates of Forge of Gods.
But, we're glad to announce that the developer team is working on a new project that will be made in the best traditions of FoG.

Follow our official discord channel to be aware of the latest news about this project and share your thoughts with other players:

. Forge of Gods Holiday Event:

There will be two tourneys: the first one will start on December 26, the second will start on January 2. The Holiday Crypt will contain new creatures and old X-Mas creatures.

There also will be Mega-Everything Event starting from December 26 till January 8.. New DLC is on Sale!:

Are you ready for thrilling journey? The Guardians of the Universe Pack is a great choice for the true adventurer to get a quick start in Forge of Gods!. Forge of Gods News:
Guys, all issues are resolved! Guilds are available now. We will send compensation to all players. And all guilds will get 50% of their weekly tax.. Forge of Gods Update:

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