Football: Old rules are changed and New rules implemented in Football 2019-20.

Football is arranged for some rule variations this season after the IFAB (International Football Association Board) recommended a number of amendments and clarifications to the current Laws of the Game.

The modifications developed into a force on June 1, 2019, though competitions beginning before that date had the option to delay their introduction until the next season.

With the changes introduced to come into effect over the game in the 2019-20 season, Goal takes a look at some of the main ones to look out for.

1.Free kicks: No attacking players in the wall
2.Goal kicks
3.Substitutions: Players must leave the nearest point
5.Yellow & red cards for coaches
6.Handball: Accidental offenses deemed free kicks
7.Penalty kicks: Goalkeepers must have at least one foot on line
8.Drop ball no longer competitive
9. What is the IFAB?

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