Failure of Yahoo!: A Billion Dollar Mistake and A Major Life Lesson

After Yahoo first launched in 1994, users flocked to the web portal for their online news, email and search needs. Without competition from Google, Facebook or other internet giants, Yahoo was able to attract advertisers willing to pay top dollar for banner ads, yet the company paid little attention to search features and did not value top-notch programmers.

A string of poor business choices has ultimately led to the company’s demise, and recently Verizon agreed to purchase Yahoo’s core business for $4.83 billion.

Yahoo is over. The company is gone. Today it announced that once its deal with Verizon closes, it will rename itself to Altaba. Verizon, meanwhile, may or may not continue to keep the name of the mail Yahoo Mail or dub the instant messenger as Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo! climbed a ladder to success but failed to stay there. As a famous saying goes “Consistence is the key”. This case was somewhat similar to Yahoo. However, it was a consistent decline in effective decisions and development. News, Finance, Mail, Music, you name it and Yahoo had it all.

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