Even if the referee has a real problem

FIFA 16 said San lorenzo die fault by themselves In the club FIFA 16World Cup finals, Real Madrid win a firefight 20 in San lorenzo.Real Madrid made four champions league, and winning streak to 22 games.Marca highlighted on the front page today, Carlo Ancelotti titles for more than a year and a half Mourinho champion for three years, Mad at real Madrid win a total of three times Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins.

But SAN lorenzo feel very defy spirit for the failure.Messer think Real Madrid game too thin, but Spanish media said SAN lorenzoFIFA 16 game too brutal.For this claim, Messer disagree: "we will not feel embarrassed, we very recognition for our own style. As we all know, if we like Real Madrid that is equivalent to give up the game ahead of time."Another player San lorenzo ORR who is directed at the Guatemala referee Lopez  Custerleahnoth: "we are at home at Real Madrid, the referee and Real Madrid player laughing together!"

Even if the referee has a real problem, "fault" SAN lorenzo made by themselves too.FIFA originally specified before the Portuguese Proletarian bianca law enforcement referee club FIFA 16World Cup final, but SAN lorenzo protest FIFA choose the referee, FIFA 16referee candidate that convert into a Lopez  Custernoth.More cheap fifa coins you can get from site   Jose mourinho to respect Derby Fifa Ultimate teams Chelsea face PSG and Manchester city face Barcelona in Fifa champions league Fifa 16 PS4 Coins.

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