Decision of Shanghai Jingan District People's Government on Commending

Decision of Shanghai Jingan District People's Government on Commending

all Committees, Offices and Bureaus (Administrations) of the District People’s Government, all Sub-district Offices and Pengpu Town People’s Government:To get more Jingan District, you can visit shine news official website.
In order to further push forward the implementation of the strategy of "quality-strengthened district", guide and encourage the whole district's industries to strengthen quality management, improve the district’s overall quality level and competitive ability, according to the relevant provisions of the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China and the State Council ‘s Quality Development Program (2011-2020) and the Procedures of Jingan District People’s Government for Quality Award Management, and on the basis of voluntary declaration of organizations and individuals, recommendations by relevant departments, through the qualification and materials review, on-site examination, comprehensive evaluation and the determination by the Jingan District People’s Government Quality Award Judging Committee, the District People’s Government has decided:
1. To award "Jingan Quality Award (organization)" to 5 organizations of Rhine Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, Shanghai Suhewan Investment Holdings Co. Ltd, Shanghai Hengbang Real Estate Development Co. Lid, Shanghai Jingan Building Decoration Industry Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Huakai Exhibition Engineering Co. Ltd.
2. To award "Jingan Quality Award (individual)" to 3 persons of Zhang Shuhua, Shanghai China Information Development Co. Ltd, Chen Zhaohui, TUV-SUD Certification (China) Co. Ltd. Shanghai branch, and Zheng Qi, Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co. Ltd.
3.To award "Jingan Quality Award Finalist (organization)" to 3 organizations of Shanghai Babai Show Enterprise Management Co. Ltd, Shanghai Zhong'an Trade Development Co. Ltd. and Kohler (China) Investment Company.
It is hoped that the above-mentioned award-winning organizations and individuals will continue to pioneer and innovate, actively spread and promote advanced quality management experience and ideas. All organizations at all levels and related industries should actively learn from award-winning organizations and individuals, constantly enhance quality awareness, strengthen quality management, and continuously improve the quality of products, projects, services and human settlements in the whole District, and further improve the quality level of this District.

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