Curry is "hurting the NBA Live Coins

Curry is "hurting the game" because now al NBA Live Coins high school kids wanna do when they hit the gym is take Stephan bombs. Because Steph Curry is the first NBA player kids have ever emulated, right? MJ, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Dr. J, Nique, A.I. and Kobe all "hurt" the game, too. (Some dolts would absolutely argue that A.I. hurt the game, for what it's worth, despite the tragic lack of a Be Like A.I. ad campaign.) Plenty of otherwise smart people have tried to defend Jackson's statement in sideways fashion -- "I see what he's saying" is a common refrain -- but please recognize that this dude said "Steph is hurting the game."


That's an incredible claim backed by no evidence made by a high-profile analyst on the NBA's biggest stage. It was dumb and obviously wrong when they said it about MJ and the others, too ... so why defend this dude saying it now, especially given the sour history between Jackson and the Warriors?VINCE CARTER DUNK ALERT.NO DAP FOR BOOGIE: DeMarcus Cousins is the latest NBA player to have to give himself a high-five. The funny thing is that Boogie might be the least frequent in-game dapper in the biz.NOPE: Not a particularly useful full-court heave from Kris Humphries, given that it misses the rim by roughly a quarter-mile.TARK VS.


BYERS: Phenomenal Joe Nocera column on the legacies of Jerry Tarkanian and longtime NCAA head Walter Byers, who both died in 2015. My college basketball history knowledge is fairly limited and a lot of this info was new to me. Fascinating stuff.TONIGHT TONIGHT: The league has a nice Buy nba coins full schedule, and NBA TV has Raptors-Bulls, which has the potential to be a doozy. Hawks-Pacers is a League Pass banger.Happy Monday. See you next time.Fantasy basketball advice: NBA FanDuel sleepers/busts for Sunday, Dec. 27 -


First off, a quick introduction. If you don't know whatFanDuel is, well, you're missing out. FanDuel is a site that offers daily fantasy sports games. Participants get a chance every day to select new players, fill out a lineup and, most importantly, win some cash. If you choose poorly Monday, you can come back Tuesday and try again. Easy as that.Click here to enter a free league for new users today.As for what we're doing in this space: The goal here will be to direct your attention toward some players who you might not otherwise consider. If you're here and reading this, then you already know thatLeBron James is

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