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Champagne worked in all the NBA Live Mobile Coins hot spots before joining FIFA — first as cultural and technical cooperation attaché with the Embassy of France in Oman, and later as third secretary at the French embassy in Cuba. A former communications honcho with FIFA, he recently released a seven-page manifesto calling for greater transparency, which means he might not be long for this election campaign… or this world.FIFA prides itself on giving a vote to even the tiniest nations, and von Chaos successfully petitioned to get full voting privileges for his private monarchy, where he has made his billions developing heat-enhancing technology. Well, consider FIFA intrigued, as it looks to one-up giving the 2022 World Cup to the desert nation of Qatar, where players could very well die off heat stroke on the field, and where construction workers die of heat stroke every day building gaudy monuments to FIFA excess.

President of the Liberian Football Federation, as well as the Srimex oil and gas company, Bility once took the Confederation of African Football to court and was suspended six months for accessing classified documents. He served only four months of his sentence, and later said of the punishment: “The situation made me a better person.” Serving time is now considered a prerequisite for FIFA, so his is a campaign to watch.The current secretary general of UEFA, he claims to have been born in Switzerland, like we’re believing that story. He also apparently has the support of Russia for this election, so you know he’s 100% not corrupt. Like, totally not corrupt.

This Peruvian archaeologist made much of his fortune by stealing priceless trinkets from ancient Incan graves and selling them on the black market. Many of those pieces just so happened to find their way to FIFA headquarters, so perhaps it should come as no surprise Negronoche has garnered strong support. Oh, and also the South American market is important, I guess The four British soccer federations were fined Monday by FIFA for displaying poppies at World Cup qualifying matches in November to honor their war dead. England's federation must pay 45,000 Swiss francs ($43,800) for the ''display of a political symbol'' at a home match against Scotland on Nov. 11. Scotland was fined 20,000 Swiss francs ($19,500). In other decisions, Romania was punished for a firework thrown at Poland striker Robert Lewandowski, Greece was fined for a fan banner against Bosnia-Herzegovina which referred to the Srebrenica massacre, and Chile was sanctioned again because of the anti-gay slurs chanted by its fans.

England and Scotland defied FIFA advice and its rules against the use of political, religious or personal symbols on kit and in stadiums, and players wore black armbands embroidered with poppies A pre-match ceremony also commemorated British soldiers on the anniversary of the World War I armistice. Wales and Northern Ireland then followed with similar displays at their home World Cup qualifiers the following day. ''With these decisions, it is not our intention to judge or question specific commemorations as we fully respect the significance of such moments in the respective countries, each one of them with its own history and background,'' FIFA disciplinary panel chairman Claudio Sulser said in a statement.

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