C Lo want to win all the FIFA titles in 2016 C Lo in 2016 quite a ride, just to lead Real Madrid to beat Morocco Libertadores champions San Lorenzo won the World FIFA Club Cup, while after winning the next day he and his family arrived at his hometown Madeira. According to British media, "101greatgoals" and the Spanish "Marca" message, C Luo was awarded by FIFA 16his hometown where Cordao autonomous region of the Medal of Honor, but also for his home island of Madeira set a bronze statue, C Luo this line is to bring his family back to his hometown for his statue unveiling
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According to "Marca" disclosure, the statue 2.6 meters high and weighs 1.6 tons, C Lo's statue was placed in a prominent position on the port of the island of Madeira, which is enough to see the people's love from FIFA 16his hometown. Returned to his hometown of C Luo is very happy also was interviewed by a reporter in opening ceremony : "Back home I feel very honored, here is where I grew up in Madeira for me and my family to says has a very special significance, can stand together with FIFA 16the home is a great honor.

I'm learning and live here, and in this island began my football career, here are my roots. "in addition, C Luo also in a highprofile announced that they have to win all the titles in 2016.More interesting FIFA 16 news you can read from   Chelsea face PSG and Manchester city face Barcelona in Fifa champions league The FIFA World Cup held a meeting to discuss bribery case Buy Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins.

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