Page authority is scored using logarithms to rank each page. Improving your score significantly can be easy or difficult depending on your starting point. If your score is low, in the 20s, it will be easier to grow that to the 30s than it would be to grow a page from the 60s to 70s. Getting better results when you’ve hit greater than 75 on your score will be slow and difficult.

Link building is the way to create links back to your website to help grow your page authority. If you have great content, people will do this for you with time. You can speed the process up in a few different ways.

Back links will increase your trust and the amount of sites linking to your page. Spend time cultivating these, because with time they become older, and search engines will consider their information less relevant.

Guest posts can help your results, too. Every time you publish an article somewhere that has content related to your site, you can create a backlink to your website for users to find out more information. This will establish you as an authority and get you noticed and shared across reputable and established sites.

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