Anabolic Steroid Powder for Memory Enhancement Sunifiram

Anabolic Steroid Powder for Memory Enhancement Sunifiram

Sunifiram is one of the latest additions to the racetam family and has been shown to be over 1000 times more potent than the original racetams. Although Sunifiram follows the same naming structure of the racetams it is technically not in this family as it differs by having a piperazine backbone instead of the usual pyrrolidine. With regards to the safety and action on the brain it is similar to the others, with strong ampakine modulation and mental stimulation. Sunifiram has a much sought after bonus of Long Term Potentiation or LTP which gives the user a boost in synaptic plasticity, giving and underlying benefit to learning and memory. Further enhancements to mental stimulation, and a boosted learning capability are substantial due to Sunifirams acetylcholine releasing actions. Nootropics Powder

How Does Sunifiram Work?

The exact mechanism to explain how Sunifiram is able to have such a strong cognitive benefit is yet to be found, but scientist have identified some interesting models to show how some of these attributes may be better understood. One such mechanism is that of NMDA signaling which was confirmed after Sunifiram dosages were maintained for over 7 days. This can explain some of the NMDA-dependent Long Term Potentiation seen with Sunifiram use.Further studies have shown rodents with memory impairment (centered around the hippocampus) benefitted from Sunifiram administration, when their ability to complete training sessions was measured. Finally, Sunifiram injections were able to cause the release of acetylcholine, which was detected in the prefrontal cortex of laboratory mice.

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