A few simple renovations transform

The two most traveled rooms in any house are the kitchen and bath. From cooking breakfast to taking a shower to entertaining guests, the kitchen and bath are highly trafficked everyday. Get rid of the signs of wear and tear with captivating kitchen and bath design ideas. A few simple renovations transform everyday rooms into extraordinary ones.Kitchen Renovation ConceptsA kitchen is used to store food, cook and entertain. 

Kitchen renovations should take into consideration space, efficiency, functionality and aesthetics according to this checklist:- Are your appliances old and need be replaced with new, energy-efficient models?- Does your cabinetry offer adequate storage space or does it need refacing and replacing?- Are counters scarred and in need of replacement?- Is the flooring cracked, stained and ready to be replaced?- Do you want to shed more light on your kitchen with modern lighting fixtures or more windows?- How do the current plumbing and fixtures work?

 Are the walls splattered with cooking grease and desperately in need of a coat of paint?- Would you like to create additional space in your kitchen through the use of space-saving appliances and cabinetry?- Does your kitchen offer adequate areas for dining with comfortable seating?Bathroom Renovation ConceptsEveryone in your home needs to use the bathroom several times a day for natural bodily functions and personal hygiene.

 A bathroom must be operational, comfortable and safe according to this checklist:- Does the plumbing work properly or does your bathroom have leaky faucets and broken fixtures to replace?- Are the floors coming up creating a dangerous situation that needs to be corrected?- What is the condition of the walls and tiles and should they be be painted or replaced?- Is there CLIC CLAC TYPE WASTE adequate storage for toiletries and medicines in the bathroom or do you need additional cabinets?- Do you have sufficient lighting or should new fixtures be installed?- Are doors, windows and window jams in good condition or do they need replacement?

Personalized Kitchen and Bath Design IdeasOnce you answer these questions and create a checklist, go beyond the basic to explore personalized kitchen and bath design ideas. How do you imagine these rooms after renovation? Consider what you might want to add such as:- Lighting with dimmer switches or sparkling chandeliers;- Amenities such as a fireplace in the kitchen or a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom;- Marble flooring and counters for a luxurious look;- Mirrors in strategic locations to open up the rooms;- Larger rooms by tearing down walls or building additional space.

Updated colors with matching decor including curtains, towels and accessories; and- Modern green appliances and fixtures so your rooms are budget-conscious and energy-efficient.With a checklist and wish list in hand, consider your overall budget for renovations. Do you have cash on hand or do you need a loan? Now you are ready to share your kitchen and bath renovation concepts with a licensed local contractor to explore your options. Many contractors offers a free initial consultation. Take advantage of a pro's expertise to transform your dated kitchen and bath into the oasis of your dreams.

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