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The question many of us continually ask, “What might be the next clandestine doping agent in sports?” might have a new answer: noopept. Popular in dietary supplements, noopept could be the next big banned substance in sport after meldonium.Noopept powder

As we watch the 2016 Rio Olympic Games with the Russian doping scandal looming in the rearview mirror the notion that noopept could be the next big…


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Invoxia Expands Desk-phone Mobile Docks to Enterprise

Mobile phones can become office VoIP phones with the Invoxia 610, a device that Invoxia will be demonstrating at the International CES this week.fixed wireless gsm desk phone

Last year, the French company introduced the AudiOffice, an iPhone docking station with a wired handset and a set of six speakers for high-powered conference calling and music listening. Putting an iPhone in the dock made it into…


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Fixed Wireless Access market to nearly double towards 2024

A new report by renowned analysts Mobile Experts says the global Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) equipment market will grow from a value of $3.2 billion last year to more than $6.2 billion by 2024 corresponding to a CAGR of 11% per year. Significant market expansion of 802.11-based systems in the 24-40 GHz and 60 GHz millimetre-wave bands contribute to the growth, Mobile Experts says.cdma fixed wireless…


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Fixed wireless broadband expected to grow 30% in 2018

The global fixed wireless broadband market will grow 30% in 2018 and generate $18 billion in service revenue, forecasts market analysis firm ABI Research. By 2022, worldwide fixed wireless broadband market are expected to generate $45.2 billion, thanks to an estimated compound annual growth rate of 26%.cdma fixed wireless phone

Fixed wireless broadband delivers broadband via radio signals rather than…


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SoundLogic wireless headphones review: Loud audio, bass output remains average

Neck band style headset comes with a dedicated button to bring up the voice assistant on your smartphone (Siri or Google Assistant). We liked that you can ask the voice assistant to perform functions using the headset without even unlocking or waking up your phone’s display. mobile in ear headphones

The neckband style headset has magnets on both earbuds so that they stick to each other when not in use.…


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MevoFit launches Play N100 sports wireless earphones

The headphone comes with a dedicated button for receiving calls and it is said to work from a maximum distance of 10 meters.sports headphones online

MevoFit has launches its Bluetooth wireless neckband earphones— Play N100 which are meant to be used during sports activities.

The key features of the MevoFit Play N100 Sports wireless Bluetooth neckband headphones are:The Bluetooth 4.1 technology for…


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Sony’s 783-Inch ‘Crystal LED’ TV Uses MicroLED Display Modules

At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas, Sony announced the world’s largest high-resolution display featuring a “16k” resolution, as well as Sony’s ‘Crystal LED’ display based on microLED technology.Indoor Led Poster

Sony's 16k Crystal LED Display

Sony’s 16k display has a diagonal measurement of 783” and has four times as many pixels as an 8K TV, but the company didn’t…


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Samsung micro-LED display wins coveted award

Samsung Electronics said May 9 that its modular micro-LED display, The Wall, was named the Display of the Year by the Society for Information Display (SID).Stadium Led Display

The product features pure black images, true color, and unmatched clarity to deliver a revolutionary viewing experience, a Samsung official said.

“We are honored to be recognized with such a prestigious industry award,”…


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Philips Professional Display Solutions Goes XXL With Its New LED Line

Today, Philips Professional Display Solutions (Philips PDS), the market-leading digital display solutions provider, launched six new modular indoor LED products in the United States at InfoComm 2019. This U.S. release is a highly anticipated addition to the company’s digital display portfolio and is a testament to its continued commitment to high-quality and creative product innovation. The new LEDs offer both end-users and solution partners immense benefits, bringing a flexible approach to…


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What is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber Optic CableThe world of telecommunications is rapidly moving from copper wire networks to fiber optics. Optical fiber is a very thin strand of pure glass which acts as a waveguide for light over long distances. It uses a principle known as total internal reflection. Fiber optic cable is actually composed of two layers of glass: The core, which carries the actual light signal, and the cladding, which is a layer of glass surrounding the core. The cladding has a lower refractive index…


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Hiccups for telecom fiber rollout with higher duty on optic fiber

As optic fiber and cable producers cheer the hike in basic customs duty on optic fiber, analysts and telcos feel that there could be initial hiccups until the domestic makers gear up production to meet the enhanced demand. The industry also expects a 2-3 per cent rise in their fiberisation costs for the time being.Fiber optic patch cord

According to sources from the telecom operating…


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Festool’s innovative dust extractors guarantee No dust when sawing

Even though dust-free working conditions are required by professional associations in every field, the role that air pollution control plays in health protection in the workplace is often overlooked both by customers and in workshops. industrial vacuum cleaners manufacturers

Why is dust extraction necessary?

Cleanliness when working is important. For protecting your health, for…


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Dust your worries away

When it comes to sanding, a perfect work comes not only from the tool and the abrasive you are using, but also from how clean the working surface is kept. An adapted dust extraction unit, such as the new RC7915 from Rodcraft can make a big difference for an easy and safe work.industrial dust extractor vacuum

With its features to make it compatible with most of the sanders existing on the…


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Dust Collection

Controlling dust in a manufacturing facility is a key step in improving air quality. Besides safeguarding the health of your employees, improving air quality leads to increased worker productivity and other benefits, as well. A study examining the impact of indoor air pollution on worker productivity in the United States found a 4.2% improvement in productivity when air pollution was reduced by 10 ppb (parts per billion). Additionally, poor indoor air quality causes six added lost workdays…


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Used Dry Van Trailers For Sale

Great Western Leasing & sales has used 48’ and 53’ dry van trailers available for lease, rental, or sale, offering an economical alternative to new trailers. Our dry van trailers are inspected by our repair shop and are DOT-ready .semi trailer van

If you are looking for a cost-effective lease or purchase to transport your products, check our inventory of used dry van trailers.

Dry van, or box,…


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Tampa Police busts repair shop owner for running stolen car chop shop

Tampa Police Department is investigating as stolen cars were stripped down for parts. TPD arrested a repair shop owner for allegedly running a chop body parts prices

Lisa Alucard is still in love with her classic 78’ Pontiac Firebird. She knows what it feels like to have a car torn apart. She believes she may have been a victim of a chop shop scheme years ago. Alucard says it took…


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Elevated Style Without the Elevated Price

It’s been almost a year since we launched a completely new way customers to shop for their homes. And, I’m excited to share that it’s working. Over the past year, we’ve seen a nearly 35 percent increase in visits to our home destination, with the majority of customers spending more time on the site, browsing and discovering products they love.home furniture living room

While last year was all about…


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new Showroom tool lets you mix and match furniture in a virtual room

Want to see how a couch on Amazon might look next to a table or lamp you also like on the site? Just bring up Showroom and put them together.quality modern bedroom furniture

Amazon's vast catalogue of third-party products has grown a lot in recent years, adding more clothes, home decor, and whatnot. And as a way to get you to buy these items, Amazon's been rolling out new features.…


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living room ideas to inspire you now

Living rooms often take center stage in our lives. They are made for social gatherings, and they’re where we live out our daily routines, from reading and conversation to aperitifs and nightcaps.library reading room furniture

In our House Calls column, we get an inside look at inspiring residential architecture and interiors, including atmospheric living rooms that span styles. Whether you’re after…


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Frameless Door Lock Repair And Installation

Frameless Glass door lock repair and installation is important. When you have a frameless glass door that is no longer working as it should, it’s time to think about getting it repaired. If you want to enhance the look of your lobby, office or store, you may even want to consider having one of these Frameless Glass doors installed. It’s essential that you have the style of door that you need and when you’re in need of door glass replacement, we’re only a phone call away.…


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