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Content will continue to reign supreme in 2019.

But simply pumping out content for the sake of having content won’t cut it.

These days, your readers – and Google – expect your content to be in-depth, insightful, and most of all, serve the needs of your readers.

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High authority sites to get backlinks in 2019

We’ve already discussed how older content on your site may not get the attention you’d like. Fortunately, it’s possible to learn how to get traffic to your website through your past posts, not just the shiny new ones.

To do this, you’ll want to update some of your older content. This lets you extend the lifespan of your best posts. Plus, it’s excellent for your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as ‘fresh’ and relevant content tends to get a boost.

So take a look at your…


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local link building strategies to consider in 2019

It's hard to doubt that in 2019 links still have a massive influence on rankings. But even though it's a well-known fact, a lot of small business owners still underestimate and even deny the power of link building. The truth is, links define the authority of your webpages and domain— the two factors that Google considers when ranking pages. So if you don't want to kiss your rankings goodbye, make sure to invest your time and effort in quality link building.

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the-only-5-off-page-seo-techniques-that-really-matter-today in 2019

As in our Linkedin example above, search engines see links to your site as an endorsement. Because your site is valuable enough to be linked to by another site, search engines take this as a signal that your site is relevant and trustworthy. This is why link building is one of the most important off-page SEO techniques.

It’s important to note that not all links have equal value. Some links have more influence on search engines than others.

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First, Google’s search bots (pieces of automated software called “spiders”) crawl the web… All that really means is they visit web pages.

Second, they add correctly optimized and crawlable pages to Google’s index and catalog them.

Third, when people search Google, it shows what it thinks are the most appropriate results based on the search terms they enter (out of the trillions of pages in Google’s index).

At that point, you have to rely on your page titles and meta…


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