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best Article submission sites for backlink building 2020


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best blog submission sites for seo


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High DA DoFollow Article Submission Sites List 2020

Do you seem for a list of top free high DA and DoFollow article submission sites to submit your articles in the article directories to build high domain authority and PageRank DoFollow backlinks in 2020?

If yes, this post will help you to get a list of best free high domain and page authority DoFollow article submission sites to build high authority backlinks and to improve the search ranking of your web pages in search engine results pages in 2020.…


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Five sure-fire strategies to build inbound links

A guest post can be a great way to bring in new traffic and boost your SEO, but there’s a catch. It has to contain relative information that offers something of value to the audience. The choices on the internet are endless and in an age where everyone knows how to explore the internet, a clickbait guest blogging strategy doesn’t hold up for long.…


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Domain Authority vs. Page Authority: What’s More Important?

Authority is a qualitative measure of any web property that significantly affects the property’s overall visibility and rankings in search engines.

As such, authority is a critical focus for most SEO experts, and rightly so. Most common SEO tactics, such as producing informative content and link building, are done with the purpose of increasing authority.…


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Easy Ways To Get High Authority Backlinks in 2020

High authority backlinks are one of the four most important ranking factors in Google search. SEO expert Neil Patel goes further and says they are the most important ranking factor.

And it stands to reason:

Links to your website are the foundation on which Google was built.


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How to Increase Domain Authority 2020-21

Domain authority is a term used by may SEOs and digital marketers, however its precise meaning isn't always clear. More generally, it can be used to describe the strength of a site in terms of how well it ranks in the search engines. However, a Domain Authority is most often used to refer specifically to a site's ranking authority as displayed in Moz's Open Site Explorer.…


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How to Increase Domain Authority 2020

When a content ranks in SERPs, it does not depend only on Keyword and high-quality backlinks. There are many factors that affect your ranking, in which the Domain Authority is the main.

Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz, which shows your site Reputation. Higher Domain Authority ranks well in SERPs.

Domain Authority is measured on the scale of 1 to 100. If your site Domain Authority will be near 100, then your site traffic and ranking will be very good. That’s why…


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List of High DA Blog submissions Sites 2020

By submitting blogs or blog posts you can get high exposure and quality backlinks to your sites. Blog submission in SEO is really a better way to increase the blog’s exposure. You just need to make sure that you are going to submit your blog on the websites with high domain authority to boost your link authority.


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List of High PR article Submission Sites 2020-2021

Instant Approval Article means an article which approved quickly. There are numerous websites to provide these facilities.

Instant system approval Gives the user the chance to write and publish their post there. All such websites provide High PR and High DA to the Website or to the Genuine Article.…


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List of High PR/DA PDF Submission Sites 2020-2021

PDF submission websites can be very useful in boosting your ranking on Google. The listed PDF submission website provide high quality backlinks & traffic to your website. I have list down these website in order with their Moz Rank, Page Authority and Domain Authority. PA, DA & Moz Rank changes time to time so you can visit Bulk Domain Authority website to check current statics of PDF submission website. This website is very helpful & also provide other valuable…


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EASY Link Building Strategies (That ANYONE Can Use) in 2020-21

Google SERP is full of “How to” articles. Publishers think it’s easy to educate. Well, it can be, but the amount of recycled content out there won’t attract readers just like that.

On the other hand, you can always target a specific group of people with your own opinions and unique insights.


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EASY Link Building Strategies (That ANYONE Can Use) in 2020

Link building isn’t easy. It’s freakin’ hard. Which is why most people struggle to build needle-moving links to their site, regardless of the tactic they use.

Sound like you? You’re in the right place.

This article DOESN’T list out a bazillion link building strategies.

What I’ll show you instead is a handful of tactics that WORK. Tactics that are EASY to replicate for YOUR website. Tactics that bring needle-moving links, which, in turn, drive traffic to and increase revenue…


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