Zen Chess: Mate In Two Download For Windows

Zen Chess: Mate In Two Download For Windows

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About This Game

ZenChess: Mate in Two is a minimalist chess puzzle game.

* Designed for chess lovers of all levels (even if you just learned how to move the pieces);
* Solve 150 carefully selected mate-in-two puzzles;
* Enjoy a minimalist, beautifully designed chess board and pieces;
* Original soundtrack, specially composed to help you keep your focus and concentration;
* Everything in the game was made with a lot of love and craftsmanship;

Can you find the two moves that will solve each puzzle? Give it a try and show yourself you are a truly chess master. a09c17d780

Title: Zen Chess: Mate in Two
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Zen Chess Club
Zen Chess Club
Release Date: 30 Apr, 2019


This is not quite as well-built as Zen Chess: Mate in One<\/a><\/i>, but it's OK for an afternoon if you're into chess.. Some puzzles have some serious set-up issues. 90, for example, has multiple pieces in single square and has two solutions, but only accepts one. Ever puzzle after 90 has a white rook on f8 for some reason and you cannot interact with it.

Game still allows illegal moves and does not show why your moves are incorrect.

Music is still really loud and has no way to control in-game.

Can't recommend the game as a chess tool. But if you know a bit abo...

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