The passenger elevator speech includes a bit more information and detail but should not be extensive or a recounting of your resume. It should be one or two minutes maximum. Many information professionals have multiple skill sets, and your elevator speech should focus on one of them, as appropriate to the situation.

Before an event, give a little thought to how it would be best for you to present yourself to this particular “audience” and focus on the things you have to offer related to that. Know what you want to say but don’t memorize the speech; you want it to sound natural.

What you want to convey, in just a few sentences, is what you do and are good at, that sets you apart from other information professionals. Include something you are interested in or perhaps a few words about a current project. If you are at an event you may want to include why you are there: representing your employer, seeking knowledge of a certain topic, or some other goal. Then turn the focus back to the other person or people you are speaking with.

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