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the biggest project developers took on appeared NBA Live Mobile Coins to be the transition offense, which they completely re-wrote. With that said, there are several features of the gameplay that they have taken time to polish up. Here are five changes we can expect to see in the game. Courtesy of 2K Sports Layups This was, by far, my biggest takeaway from playing the game. You will now have control of your layups, as opposed to hitting the ‘X’ or square button and praying the shot goes in. You will move the shooting stick to either the left or right, choosing the hand you will lay the ball up with and timing the release correctly, just as you do with any other shot. This will be annoying to get used to, but it should help eliminate those random missed open layups. Shooting No one wants to see shooting on here, I know, but this is another feature developers think will ultimately help eliminate moments that leave the game up to chance. When you take your shooting stick back before releasing it, you’ll need to keep it straight. This is particularly difficult when you’re moving across the court, or shooting a stepback, or pretty much at any time. After using it, though, I’ll say it feels like previous versions were cheating. There should be some aim involved in a basketball video game. NBA USA Basketball, 2K partner to bring 2016 Olympic team to NBA 2K17 Stamina This one is very cool. You know how players in 2K will slowly tire throughout the game, and if you spend a lot of their energy they’ll be Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins sluggish in the fourth? Well, that’s dead and gone. The developers recognized that Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry look as fresh as ever in the fourth quarter of games, so they’re not going to have tired legs in 2K17. The turbo is a bit different though, for reasons I can’t quite put my https://www.mmogo.com/

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