Why Native App Development is Better Than React Native Development

Originally posted on: http://hiphopmulher.ning.com/profiles/blogs/why-native-app-developm... A native app is an application developed to adhere to a specific operating system. Currently, we have two well-known and used operating systems in the market; Android and IOS. 


A react native is a platform that enables web developers to create mobile applications using JavaScript, offering easier mobile development and efficient code sharing across all Operating systems. However, our prime focus today will be on the native app development.


Native apps are usually available for download from the specific native app stores available on mobile devices without the use of external browsers or tools.


The following are reasons why native app development is better than the react native development.


  • A regular software development kit updates


Frequent software updates while using native app development. Also, the SDK contained in libraries within the operating systems frequently interact without a hitch.


  • Offline Operations


One can operate offline using the native app in case the internet is unavailable, unlike using the react native app. However, the Internet connection is necessary if there is a corresponding functionality required for native app development.


  • Hardware compatibility


Using the native app is usually a functional integration with the device's hardware such as the touch-screen, camera unlike while using the react native development app.


  • An array of library content.


Usually, developers are spoilt for choice as there is detailed development information to help in the improvement of the apps.


  • Enhanced app security


App users often get to top-notch and reliable protection as the apps in check regularly and approved in the app store. 


  • Easy launch systems


Using the native app is generally easy. Users simply launch using the app store as compared to using the react native application.


Applications follow either the OS Android or iOS guidelines set, which eliminate irregularities.


  • Great Design and user experience


Developers can specialize and dedicate more time to enhancing specific designs and user experience possibilities.


Using native apps, the Design of complex animation is achievable using UX/UI designs as compared to developers using the react native development in animations


  • Easy Implementation of new features


Using the native app, developers can quickly implement the introduction of sophisticated or new features that are on-demand as compared to using the react native development app where Implementation is tedious and takes longer.


  • Easy to use navigation keys


Users are generally able to quickly understand how the navigation system works within the native development app as compared to those using the react-native application.


  • Flawless Operating systems


While using the native app development, the operation is smoother, faster in speed, and above all, doesn't frequently freeze. The native app is built specifically to support the intended operating system for the device hence maximizes the performance.


In conclusion, the native app development is generally more popular than the react-native event considering that it is used by many popular apps such as twitter, Google maps, telegram having both native android and ios apps. Click Here

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