What is a virtual private network (VPN)

What is a virtual private network (VPN)
Where more and more rules are being made for the uploading and downloading of content on the Internet and the government also working on enforcing these rules, you also, for the last few months, hear more and more about VPN. Many techies know what a VPN or Virtual Private Network is, but there are also many people that have no idea what this means. Do you belong in the last group? Read more about this term in this article. By reading the information on this page you might not only find out what a VPN is, but also whether if it might be interesting to you.

Virtual Private Network: a brief introduction to this term
The abbreviation VPN stands for virtual private network. It is an encrypted connection that you use to surf the Internet safely and also completely anonymous, so that you will be fully protected against hackers and other cyber criminals.

Basically, a VPN is a tunnel constructed within an existing Internet connection. Through the tunnel you will receive information and send information such as your passwords when logging in at some place. Because the tunnel is being really well protected, no one can steal your data or even look into it. This allows you to make secure and anonymous use of the Internet, simply by purchasing a specific network.

The properties of a Virtual Private Network
Of course, having an additional secure connection to internet anonymously might sound interesting, but you may ask yourself why you actually invest in a Virtual Private Network. There are various reasons for doing this, they are also called the network’s properties:

You can safely use public Wi-Fi networks, for instance to check your mail without the risk of being hacked or to check your social media accounts without your passwords being stolen. Read also: Surfing safe and anonymously on a public Wi-Fi network by using a VPN
-You can bypass geographic limitations, including the fact that you cannot watch the US library of Netflix in another country. When you have a VPN, your IP address will change and all of the sudden, this is possible.
-You can bypass certain restrictions of a network, for example, when you are not able to check social media websites at schools. Read also: Visit blocked websites with a VPN connection
-You can upload and download completely anonymously, which means you cannot be caught by the authorities and get no fine for uploading and/or downloading content on the Internet.
Especially the last reason of a Virtual Private Network is a good reason for many people to use the extra safe network when they are surfing.

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