To get traffic, you need people ready to visit your site. To get them to visit your site, you need to know what they are looking for using a   smart tool, what words they use and what kind of content would best fit their intent. In short, you need a  keyword strategy and for that you need a   new generation  . Let's take a quick look at what the keyword strategy is and how it goes with keyword research.
What is keyword strategy? Good question !

While many simply talk about doing a keyword search to find out what terms you should use, what you do next is just as important: it's your keyword strategy. A strategy contains all the decisions you make based on the results of your keyword research project, whether it's the content you plan to write or how you'll track the results in Analytics. The keyword strategy is to target these keywords, now and in the future.

A keyword strategy is formed when one looks at oneself and one's environment. You need to have a lot of ideas if you want to make informed decisions about your keyword strategy. Start by thoroughly researching yourself, your product, and your competitors.

Looking in the mirror is the beginning of our SEO strategy

A good keyword strategy begins with examining yourself and your business. What are you doing and why? What are your goals ? What makes you unique in this world? What is the message you want to send? How is your brand image? Why would someone want to visit your site? Better knowledge helps us better understand what we want to do so we do not waste resources. No need to focus on the bad things.

Review of research intent

Once you have fleshed out your uniqueness, it's time to see how. The research intention is the why of the research that should lead to your site. Do you know your audience? Are people just looking for information or are they ready to buy things too? Are there ways for you to target specific intentions with targeted content to influence that?

Study the keywords

Words are at the center of everything. When doing  research , you should have a good idea of ​​the phrases people use to find what they are looking for. Now, you need to produce user-oriented content that perfectly matches their intent and goals.

Analyze the competition

While setting up your keyword strategy, you need to take a good look at your competitors. What are they doing ? What is their ranking for the terms you would like to attack? What kind of content do they have? Are there ways for you to improve this? Have you thought about watching the long tail?

Looking at the search engines themselves

Of course, looking at your competitors, you will often use the search engines to see how they are doing. Doing this type of research can give you a good overview of your competitors' strategy. It also gives you a very good idea of ​​what happens when you type your main key phrase.

In some markets, if you follow the evolution over time, you may see that search engines give more and more answers that lead to searches without a click. Always keep an eye on the search engines, but do not be obsessed with every little algorithm update.

Examine the data in your keyword strategy

Of course, data analysis plays an important role in the success of your keyword strategy. Before and after, Google Analytics provides valuable information about your site's performance. Even Google Search Console can give a lot of things to think about and opportunities to pursue! Rank4Win provides you with a lot of information about the keywords you are aiming for, you will have the monthly search volume, the feasibility and the Google Adwords auction price on the key phrase you want to integrate into your strategy. keywords. Take advantage of these numbers and indicators of success for the SEO of your website or online store.


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