Google is a big company offering a wide range of services to us, including Google Chrome, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Fit, Google Photos, YouTube, Gmail, etc. @¥#456!
Certainly, Google needs to make money off its services by gathering personal information of users. And it has built a large digital file of what you are.  
In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore how and what Google knows about you and how it monetizes your data. 
How does Google collect your information?
In fact, it’s you that gave the information to Google. You use Google services including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and so on without paying a dime. But you pay by providing information about yourself, which Google can use for advertising. Google simply store everything you gave to it and keep a historical record of the information.
What does Google know about you?
Google knows who you are, what you like or dislike, what you did in the past and what you are going to do in the future. Because it keeps a record of your online activities, including what searches you performed and what websites you visited.
Your Google searches tell your interests. For example, the movie, book or food you like, or the places you want to travel to.
Automatic fill-ins online like passwords and credit card information are all stored and saved in Google’s database as well. Including every purchase made with these and logins made with the passwords.
When it comes to your location. It is not just tracking where you’ve been but the date, time of day, travel time and amount of time spent at each location. 
What does Google do with all this information? 
It uses this information to send targeted ads to you so as to make more commissions from ads. The better Google can track what you search, the better it targets ads on you.
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