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Continuing with the work of generating links for your main domains? Today I bring you two reference domains where to generate profiles as publishers to
publish. Everything is good? Well, not really everything, since today's links are nofollow and some think that they are useless. Anyway I leave the comment
for this whole group, if you offer a wikipedia link do you accept it or not? I leave it there ... For those who also like nofollow, they can be used to give
more naturalness to your link strategy. I'm not going to roll up more on the subject, surely everyone already knows enough!

Let's start with the interesting. In both cases, if you use the link location well, and generate quality content, you can get quality traffic from these
sites . The key is to always write on the same subject and generate a list of followers within these sites, over time, if you increase that list and the
authority of that profile, every time you publish a nice peak will be reflected in your statistics Analytics

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