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Original Title: Walking Dead

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama









































MacGyver learns that a relative of his Haitian local shopkeeper, a victim of racketeering, is kidnapped but nobody in the neighborhood dares even talk to the police. Mac and voodoo priestess 'mama Lorraine' go after the extortionist gang, which consists of former members of late Haitian dictator Papa Doc's 'Tonton Macoute' secret police, lead by colonel Devraux. In the process, Mac is captured and drugged but escapes, Lorraine is blackmailed to lend credence to the colonel's show to manipulate the gullible exilees posing as Baron Samedi.
Scum exiled from Haiti has settled down in Little Haiti, in MacGyver's neighborhood. They are selling drugs, collecting protection payments and threatening shopkeepers with "Baron Samdi". It's time for MacGyver to enter the world of Voodoo to save the neighborhood. Starting from the kidnapped girl.

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