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About This Game

Waiting for the Loop is a short form visual novel in which a brilliant computer scientist builds an artificial intelligence that passes as human… but also attracts the attention of the government.
Explore multiple paths and endings in this fully voiced sci fi family driven drama.

key Features:
  • Fully voice acted
  • Multiple story branches and endings
  • A unique narrative mix of family drama and science fiction
  • Short form, taking around 15 minutes to complete a playthrough
  • Visuals and presentation that hark back to PC point and click adventures of the 90's

Title: Waiting for the Loop
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Side Group
Side Group
Release Date: 11 Jan, 2018


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good experiment for a short time, exellent!. This is a neat little project, and there's more to it than meets the eye!
The story is a short yet introspective look at what it means to be a person, and the choices that come along with it.
The music is well arranged, the voice work solid, and the graphics harken back to the days of old point and clicks.
There is a degree of replayability, I've already played it three seperate times and could definitely go back again to find another branch.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Side Group does in the future!. I only went one loop with this game but now want to know the different endings.
The game is a reflexion on IA and life, in a old-school point and click game.
The game has good voice acting and story telling.
The game has a great OST.
A good sense of drama is emanating from this game, it was a unique experience playing it, thus I recommend it.. Waiting for the Loop is a short, interesting story game about the relationship between an AI and its creator. The player is given choices throughout the story that can alter the availability of certain scenes, which adds a good amount of replayability. It's well worth the price of entry to scratch that scifi itch.. As somebody fascinated with AI and hoping we'll actually get something that feels like talking to a human, I had to go and try out this game.

It definitely keeps the promises the developers make in the description and it's actually cool that everything is voiced. Although short, the story definitely hurt my feels. In my opinion, it's easy to get into the characters and 'feel' them.

As a heads up, if you are having issues with the resolution, the dev team put a TXT file into the game's install folder, that helps you out. Or if you're a bit of a dummie like me and didn't see it, you could just use 'Borderless Gaming', a small program you can get here on Steam for about 3 bucks. Both do the job.

Curious to see what else the team is going to release

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