Venom 2: Scorpions inspired the Carnage villain

The idea of ​​Cletus Kasady moving with the symbiote in Venom: Time of Carnage came from the animal world

Scorpions served as inspiration for the villain Carnage in Venom: Time of Carnage , sequel to the film released in 2018 .

In an interview with Variety , Sheena Duggal, visual effects supervisor for Venom 2, revealed that the idea for moving Cletus Kasady with the symbiote came from a dangerous animal: the scorpion.

"We had to create a different look for how the tentacles move. I saw the way the scorpions move, with their tail behind their head as they come forward in a menacing way, and I thought, 'Let's do this with Carnage!'" Duggal said.

Venom: Time of Carnage opens in Brazil this Thursday (7). For more about the movie, check out our post-credits scene description .

Venom 2: The Origin of Carnage, Spider-Man's classic villain
V enom 2 will have the presence of Carnage (Cletus Kasady or Carnage, in English), one of the classic villains of Spider-Man and Marvel Comics . In case you don't know him yet, we've gathered here the main characteristics of the character, who will be played in the movies by Woody Harrelson .

Below, learn when Carnage was created, its troubled origins, its special abilities and other fun facts. Ready for Maximum Carnage ?

Carnage, one of Spider-Man's most insane villains, will be in Venom 2. Image: Marvel Comics / Reproduction
Like Venom, Carnage is a symbiote and therefore needs a host -- in this case, Cletus Kasady. Known for being a psychopath by nature, Cletus had a very troubled childhood.

Cletus' father killed his mother, who tried to kill her son after seeing him torturing her dog -- a series of tragedies.

In court, Cletus testified against his father, causing him to be sentenced to death by electric chair. However, he also killed his grandmother in his youth by throwing her down the stairs.

As an older man, Cletus became a true serial killer which landed him in prison, where he shared a cell with Eddie Brock -- Venom's original host. The two didn't get along and Cletus decided to kill Eddie, but the symbiote, distant from Brock for some time, returned to save him, causing a real rebellion in the prison.

In the midst of "rescue", the symbiote was "pregnant" and gave birth. This little seed reached Kasady, entering and merging directly into her blood through a cut in her hand. Carnage was born.

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