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About This Game

Velocibox is a twitch-heavy action game crafted for the hardcore audience.

  • Flip, spin and dodge your way through more than 70 deviously designed patterns.
  • Features an insanely difficult Super Velocibox mode for the uber-hardcore.
  • So addictive the developer has been called a filthy drug dealer.

Popular YouTube Features

Featured in popular YouTube Let's Plays such as UberHaxorNova, jacksepticeye, Markiplier and more!

  • "One of the hardest ******* games I think I've ever played." - UberHaxorNova
  • "This is a whole 'nother realm of twisty-nipple-freshness!" - jackcepticeye
  • "Yoo-ba-do-bi. Ha-ba-da-bubu. Ha-ba-fu-biii! Haaa! Ha-ba-ja-foo-boo!" - Markiplier

Important Updates

  • Party pooping frame rate dependency bug has been fixed.

Title: Velocibox
Genre: Action, Indie
Shawn Beck
Shawn Beck
Release Date: 8 Sep, 2014


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Not a fan of this game and would recommend people to buy T.E.C 3001 instead (also cheaper ;)
if you like & enjoy incredible speed and levels not designed to be unfair

So go buy TEC 3001 if you want a fun and good speed game!
btw: Distance is also a great game worth to recommend.

note: The movement sensitivity are horrible in this game to say at least
(the movement are too slow in this game & same time feels as you are sliding on jelly) also when you flip
then the screen have moved 20 feets closer when you are done with the flip = instant rekt
= why i do not want to waste time talking about this game. Holy God my eye is gonna blow

this game hard than dark souls

Level One, Begin

10/10. the "LEVEL 1 Begins" audio is always playing until Dora become a hokage :). this game is pretty cool. A quote from the song "In The End" from Linkin Park, which describe this game pretty well: "I tried so hard and got so far. But in the end, it doesn't even matter". I just couldnae believe it when I cracked open the in God's name was I to cope?

Then, distant suppressed memories of that sadist Cavanagh's Super Hexagon floated to the forefront of my mind and I remembered that all it takes is time and adjustment.

In saying that I've still only got to the start of level 2 in this insane Twitch, RageQuit genius of a game. Too many dimensions for my tiny mind to cope with. Watch and enjoy the faux rage as it turns to the real deal. Game should be called Level 1, it is hard to get to level 2, about luck to see the third.. I dont recommend only cause of the price vs content.
Take it when it's on sale.

The game resonate with joy for what it offers;
It is your arcady reflex type of game with scoring. I like the polishing, I like the simple art that looks good even if simple.
I like the randomness of the obstacles.

However, there is only one gamemod. The one that never save your progress, you start always on level 1 making the game offer not lot of play time and lot of repeat. Its really hard, I think the level 1 could be level 3 and level 1 should be easier, this will let the players have some more play times and sense of progression.

For the price, there should be a way to start at the beginning of the levels you reached which will be like a noob mode with no competitive scoring. Or more gamemods or more content or a lower price.

Normally I dont say what the game should have in a review, however I need to acknowledge that when the price vs content apply.

My goal is to reach level 4 :D

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