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Weary of the life as a lumberjack, you decide to leave the safe walls of your homeland in order to travel far away and begin the life of an adventurer. Months later, just as you start to doubt your decision, you arrive on an archipelago where you hear about something called “The Warhorn”: A relic capable of granting immortality!
You decide to settle on one of the islands – where your story shall begin.
The Warhorn is a take on the unique mixture of genres, the most important ones being RPG and city-building/management while other distinctive elements in the game come from the exploration, puzzle and open world genres.

  • Explore a vast open world: Including 5 themed biomes like spring / summer, autumn, winter, desert and jungle having their own unique sub-biomes with their own unique resources and denizens.
  • Solve challenging puzzles: While most of them can be done alone, some might need a helping hand – or two.
  • Face various foes: Every biome comes with its own set of animals, beasts and other denizens. Some of them may be neutral, but others could be deadly.
  • Learn new skills: Wield a sword, swing a hammer or laugh at brute force and master the elements like fire, ice and light. Villagers can teach you many things, but in order for them to share their knowledge, you might have to earn their trust first… or a sizeable amount of riches.
  • Build your empire: Learn how to build with different materials and create a village to your liking. Villagers will gather resources for you while your villages’ soldiers are protecting your empire.
  • Be ready for war: Build powerful war machines to either defend your village or attack another in a fight for resources, relics and secrets of this world.
  • Multiplayer: Everything in the game can be done together. Build the most incredible empire with your friends, trade with other empires or fight against them.

Title: The Warhorn
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Pigeons Interactive
Pigeons Interactive
Release Date: 29 Jan, 2019


  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 or AMD FX 8320
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB or AMD HD7770
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 11 GB available space

English,Polish,French,German,Simplified Chinese

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I was super against buying something like this to begin with. I felt it was not advanced enough to play. TOTALLY WRONG. First of all I want to say if you are a minecraft\/zelda player you will like this! Its actually kinda addicting and as soon as my boy and I bought it we could NOT stop. We played a straight 14 hours. It was insane. The maps\/mazes\/dungeons are amazingly beautiful and planned out. I feel it needs a lot more to do and a lot more materials to add. I LOVE the way they have the tree cutting system in place its very nice.

My only complaint is the Crafting system and Combat system.

Crafting Issues: My boy is the owner of the server we play on, he built our little city. It costs him money to craft objects but does not cost me anything. (a little odd but funny)

Combat: we can turn pvp off in our server but at this point I have killed him more times than he has killed me while fighting in dungeons. So it doesnt work.

The TPing system is a little strange, he can TP me and TP to me but I cant TP to him at all.

I dont normally comment on games at all to be honest but this was worth it. Its got a few scare jumps keep you on your toes (awesome)
Its got something for everyone.

I wish the Leveling tree was much bigger and there was more crafting to do! I hope they implement things like Fishing, More Magic, More Combat such as spears and dual weapons, more achievements, new tiers and stages of buildings, Female character models, scuba diving, exploration, town banks, pirates, butchers and hunters, jails, music creations. (I have not finished the game by any means so some of this may actually be in there and im not aware of it!)

The game is worth it! Play with significant other or friends, its way more fun!. Junk game. I liked what i saw from youtubers playing the game. Bought it. never could get it to run. asked for help. only reply is get your money back. I have a nice computer that should have no problem running this game.
Waited too long to get a refund. Hope they enjoy their ill gotten gains.. Very lackluster. Dead servers, no tutorial, no real notifications to help you along. Oh, and zero voice acting.
EA is one thing, this is just awful.. Pretty dope game from the get go. D&D mixed with building elements.. Great game. You can tell its in early access but from what I can see now the game looks promising. I would suggest that you play it with friends, right now its a game that you wouldnt want to play alone.. First of all, do not be fooled by the simplistic art-style of the game.
> It may be lowpoly and use almost no textures, the effects however are quite nice and the package as a whole works well.

The same thing is also true for the gameplay: Most of the gameplay elements are kept rather simple but that is made up by the sheer amount of different gameplay elements.

The game to me feels a bit like a 3d version of some of the very early RPG games, which is strangely refreshing.
This also means that the game usually won't hold your hand and you'll occasionally have to figure out things the hard way.

Multiplayer seems interesting, especially due to the ability to build you own settlements but I haven't experience a lot of it yet due to the currently rather low population on most servers.

To sum it up: It is a well playable, fun little game that is bigger on the inside and holds a lot of promise for the future. (the devs seem to be pretty active too). I am not recommending this game at this time. Not because of anything I experienced in game. I am not recommending this game because after two months of owning it I am still unable to rebind the keys to be able to play the game properly. I have reached out to the devs on a few occasions (directly on discord) about the key binding issue but nothing has been addressed. In my opinion the rebinding of keys should be handled at the rudimentary stages of a game's development well before EA access funding. Assuming this gets addressed in the future I will make the appropriate changes to the review.


Well its been two months since the review and nothing has changed with the key binding issue. Enjoy my money Warhorn I only wish I got to enjoy your game.

The Warhorn Patch - Ver.

We have uploaded a small patch for the game. We have fixed issues with dedicated servers and a few things in the game!

ADDED:. Follow our Facebook!:
Follow The Warhorn Facebook page! In the next few days we will start a giveaway, where you will be able to get a key! You can use it on your own or give it to the friend you would like to play with!

. Thank You!:
We would like to thank all of you for the first week. Even though there are issues with the game, you are all very understanding. We are fixing all the reported bugs and we are adding new machanics that were suggested by all of you. We are very happy that more and more people are creating the community. Soon we will post a new update with many problems fixed and we will also post our plan on the next big content updates. If you haven't joined our discord already, we would like to invite you:

You can meet many new people and you also will be in direct contact with us.. Sign up to The Warhorn Closed Beta!:
If you want to help us with testing the game, you can complete the form to sign up to the closed beta!

Also you can join our Discord Server to stay updated! Week 3 Update:
Hello again, fans of Don't Look Down!

(I need a name for that...
... We'll come up with something eventually.)

Anyway, this week brings a smaller update. Here are the changes:

-Fixed a bug that prevented achievements from being granted. If you had already completed the requirements for an achievement, do any event counting towards the achievement to get it. (For example, if you'd already grabbed >50 powerups, grab one more to get the achievement; if you've beaten every Zone 1 level, beat any Zone 1 level again to get the achievement; etc.)

-Tweaked the language on an orb in the leaderboard bubble to better explain its purpose (grab it to toggle between looking at the local and global leaderboards)

-Made various performance optimizations (which I'd be happy to list, but I don't think most of you will care!)

See you at the next update!

. DevLog #1:
For the past few days we have managed to fix some stuff and add new ones:

ADDED:. Week 2 Update:
Hello, Don't Look Down fans!

We've got a nice assortment of improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes ready. Here's what we've got for ya:

-Tweaked off-center detection system to be a bit less intrusive and a bit better at differentiating leaning vs. stepping off-center
-Improved user experience with the singing orb keyboard
-You're now invincible right after grabbing a bonus room warp object
-Improved signage in Doombot Crusade and Ropey Romp
-Various audio updates: improved the mix by making several sounds quieter, adjusted some attenuation settings, made the laser sound loop properly, and fixed a couple instances where sounds would layer over each other and get too loud

-Graphics settings are now properly saved and applied when the game starts up
-Checky can no longer be activated when you're dead
-Fixed a bug where recentering didn't behave right if you started the level on a platform and hadn't climbed yet
-Fixed a bug that made the global leaderboard display the entries twice

Stay tuned for all the sweet ways we're gonna keep improving DLD going forward :)

. Giveaway! Get The Warhorn for free!:
Like our Facebook page and tag a friend in a comment to have the opportunity to get The Warhorn key for free!

The more people will do it, the more keys will be given!

. Week 1 Update!:
Thank you to everyone who purchased Don't Look Down during launch week! :)

We've fixed some bugs and made some changes to the game based on your feedback.
Here are the changes:

-You can see the global leaderboard if you have difficulty mods enabled (but your times still aren't submitted to the leaderboard)
-The leaderboard remembers the last name you entered so you don't have to enter it every time (but how cute are those orbs, man?)
-Times for speedrun medals are shown on the medal plaque
-The lava at the start of EvilEruption waits to rise until you grab a hold
-Fixed visual bugs on a secret customization you're totally never gonna find ;)
-Tweaked the racing ghosts so they're less likely to overlap
-Text of large signs no longer floats off the sign
-Grab outlines work in the Bot Guide
-Fixed a bug where the flame launcher could stay on your wrist if you got hit while acquiring it
-Fixed the location of the player start in Colossal Creations (oopsie)
-Moved two bots in the final level, Gearheart's Gambit, to where they belong

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