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Original Title: The Man On The Lam

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Sci-Fi,Sport


































Speed is taken hostage by Lawson Lamster, an escaped convict searching for the money he stole before being captured. Unfortunately, Lamster's partners are right on his tail.
An escaped convict returns to his home to encounter his very young, sightless daughter, Delicia. He himself takes the blame for her blindness. Spritle is her best friend, and he, Speed and Chim-Chim are soon arriving at her home. A scuffle ensues and the convict leaves in the Mach 5 taking Speed and Spritle with him as hostages. He's on his way to recover hidden money but unfortunately a criminal gang has heard about his escape and are in pursuit as well.
I just finished this wonderful episode that I felt was worth rating on IMDb. I get to the page and it is rated a shockingly low 5.0 by 10 viewers. Well, what's ten, anyway? It's not thousands, like movies get.

They rate it low for one thing: there is no car race in it.

Why do I give it a 10? Story. Characters. This one is off-beat and if you like the characters of Speed, Sprital and Chim Chim, then you should like this one.

Without giving too much away, an escaped convict enters the life of a young girl Sprital's age. He has a couple secrets. Then he meets Speed and that's when the action occurs. The Mach Five does get used. There are other villains in this show, as well as an appearance by Inspector Detector.

It's an excellent episode despite the low rating. I will write about it because it is worth seeing!

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