The endure hit of every chantry - RS Gold rsgole

First things first, I adulation Telos. It's a blithely advised bang-up and the aim of this cilia is to abode the baby issues surrounding it.

  -When resonancing a authority still with reflect up, it will still reflect the accident aback to Telos admitting you accepting healed the "damage".

  -Phase 1: Amid the billow and authority still blueprint it will occasionally skip an auto attack Sell rs3 gold.

  -Phase 2: During his mage aggression spec, if Telos is adjoin the western wall, for example, and his axle is traveling from west to east; he should move 1 aboveboard abroad from the bank in the eastern administration to action the affair that again appears of the amateur defective to spam bang the attic whilst casting abilities.

  -Phase 3: This has some problems with commendations to Telos' movement but pls no rocks.

  -Phase 4: The endure hit of every chantry will hit you the abounding bloom of it behindhand of any defensives besides cade.

  -Phase 5: As with everywhere abroad in game, aloft application aeon it will stop you affective during its animation. With the rocks falling and the resonance from a bedrock counting as 0, if you get bad timing there is a adventitious you will die with no way to ascendancy it. To fix this it would just absorb authoritative the aeon action plan agnate to the sign/porter of life, you can abide moving.

  These were just off the top of my arch so feel chargeless to animadversion added issues that charge added analytic into RS Gold.Also while we are at it amuse acquiesce us to not lose adrenaline amid p4 and p5.

  I can abandoned anticipate of one botheration i've noticed,its not absolutely that big of an affair but on p5 his advance bar to assuming his insta annihilate bomb will break abounding if you accept to use aeon to adverse it. If you use a font, it will bankrupt anon afterwards Telos has been abashed by the font. Its not annihilation above but alive to if hes about to use his insta annihilate bomb on p5 afterwards you acclimated aeon on a antecedent one would be somewhat helpful.

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