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This experience was originally created in one week for Scream Jam 2018, in which it won Spook Award (Best Game) and Scare Award (Scariest Game). Since then new content as b 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Emulator
Genre: Action, Indie
Studio Snowspot, T Allen Studios
Studio Snowspot, T Allen Studios
Release Date: 21 Dec, 2018


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Update: Emulator LOS, Stealth, More Initial Instruction, Volume Slider, and More. : Here is a nearly complete change-log for today's update: Emulator line of sight shortened, in areas like hallways it should be possible to spot the emulator without triggering him. Stealth: When crouched the emulator will have a harder time seeing the player. More goals at the beginning in the game, in the place of what was simply "Explore the House" there are now three more straight forward goals. Controls/Instructions image is now available in the pause menu if you need a refresher mid-game. Music volume slider now available in the options menu. Added/enhanced graphics in some places; all drawers now have more prominent handles to help mark them as intractable. After the teddy bear ritual the "Begin Ritual" text will no longer appear now. After opening the door to the altar room, the key graphic can be seen in the key hole/slot now.. What is The Emulator? : The Emulator is a survival horror game which takes place, for the most part, in a house the night before Halloween. Players will explore the house in first person and find themselves often running from a unique enemy who emulates varying objects. The game was originally made in one week, but has been continuously updated since it's original release back on the 23rd of October. The game was a submission to Scream Jam 2018, a week long game jam on, and it won both the Spook Award (Best Game) and Scare Award (Scariest Game). It also stayed towards the top of the popularity rankings for the weeks after release, at one point holding the number one spot for a few consecutive days. This was something we were very proud of, and it was also what made us start considering a Steam launch. This is our second game that we have made together (the first being Concluse ). While not originally intended for Steam, we have greatly expanded the game and are very excited to get it into more players hands. Thank you for your interest and taking the time to read this, we hope you enjoy the game upon its release. Below are some additional links to find out more information: Old Version on Itch [] Old Version on GooglePlay [] Twitter(s): TAllenStudios & StudioSnowspot Patreon []. 5th Ending Exclusive on Patreon : We hope everyone is enjoying The Emulator and its four alternate endings! This post is to let you know about an exclusive 5th ending and a way you can support us and our future titles.

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