The Chronicles Of King Arthur - Episode 1: Excalibur Download Ubuntu

The Chronicles Of King Arthur - Episode 1: Excalibur Download Ubuntu

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About This Game

Play this thrilling match-3 game with 74 challenging levels and help the young king Arthur conquer the throne and reign over Britannia.

For years, King Uther Pendragon reigned in peace. Now he has been betrayed, his throne stolen by a usurper whose dark pact allows him to terrorize the kingdom and oppress its people. No one can stand against him. The wizard Merlin sets out from the castle, because only he knows Uther’s secret: that the Pendragon line lives on through an illegitimate child somewhere in the countryside. If Merlin can find him, they might still have a chance ... and in a remote village far from the castle, a boy named Arthur has begun a rebellion against the false king.

-King Arthur's classic story with different nuances
-Enjoy 74 challenging match-3 levels
-Follow Arthur’s story across 5 chapters
-20 exciting sceneries
-Original epic music b4d347fde0

Title: The Chronicles of King Arthur - Episode 1: Excalibur
Genre: Casual
e-FunSoft Games
Match3 Games, Match 3 Games
Release Date: 23 Dec, 2018


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz CPU
  • Memory: 500 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Direct X compatible Soundcard


the chronicles of king arthur episode 1 excalibur. chronicles of king arthur episode 1 - excalibur nl

A fun, relaxing, and beautiful Match 3 game with all of the power ups and abilities that you come to expect from Match 3 gaming! The story is okay at best, but still, the theme is fun.. Relaxing, colorful, and overall, a very pleasant match 3 type game which, in my opinion, is probably above average in this genre. One small quibble I have, is that, it shows some cut of sections of menus to the left. This is probably due to my 3440 x 1440 screen. However, all of the important menu functions are there and it does not affect the game once you are in playing. Those with 1080p resolutions won't see this anomaly.

Well worth the price.

New update 0.26 - station levels:

New update was just added to the game:

  • Station type levels for random battles added to the game. With explodable cars and climbable buildings!
  • All melee weapons are now have energy shields, which add a chance to block incoming damage
  • A couple of new events for station battles added
  • Some changes with weapon drops. Assault rifle damage increased, and it's now drops later in the game
  • Small bug fixes
. New update 0.53a:
The game was updated with version 0.53a

  • Cyborg enemy faction is added to the game
  • New weapons - grenade launcher and minigun
  • bosses are now immuned to stun
  • Some minor bugs fixed
. Please take a minute to help me improve the game (4):
Hello guys! Once again I wanna ask you to take a couple of moments of your time and answer a couple of polls I created, to help me improve the game more.

I am still working on new game mode, along fixes and improvements for the game, but I would love to know your guys opinions.

Favourite ship type:

Favourite class types:

What types of content would you love to see more (please don't answer all options, only answer what you think the game needs more):

Thank you!. New enemy faction coming - cyborgs!:

Hi guys! Just wanted to say that i"m working on the new enemy faction - cyborgs, which will be added in the next update.

These terrifying machines are serving a sentient AI, which set it's goal to conquer the galaxy and eradicate all biological lifeforms. They are very slow, but very durable, with heavy armor and different abilities to repair on the battlefield.

Stay tuned for updates!. New campaign missions are live:
The game was just updated with version 0.62a:

  • 4 new campaign missions added
  • A unique score for previous and new missions was added
  • Two new enemies - Enforcer and Crusader
  • Some minor bug fixes

If you find problems with new missions, please message on steam forums. Next update wil alsol bring a couple of new story missions. Please take a minute to help me improve the game:
Hello guys!

Recently I've been thinking about current character system and weapon balance. I wanted to ask you guys about your preferable styles of play. Please take one minute to answer these polls I've made:

Which weapons do you prefer(one answer):

Which ship systems do you prefer the most (multiple answers):

Thank you for your support!. New update 0.65:
The game was updated recently with version 0.65

  • You can now encounter unique events abour retrieving ancient artifacts - powerful secondary items with different procs. New types of maps and enemies were added for these events
  • Radar systems usage for stopping a federation ships now requires 10 energy per turn instead of 4, but federation fleet slows down more
  • Fixed some camera behaviour bugs
  • Fixed small interface and gameplay bugs
. Introducing all my games in the bundle:
Hey guys! I've packed all my games into one bundle with the nice 33% discount, so if you want to check some of my previous work, go ahead!

Here is the link:

Some of them didn't turn as good as I was expecting, because of my lack of experience at the time, but I still did put a lot of time and hard work into them, so I hope you will find them atleast enjoyable for a couple of hours. They are really inexpensive.

Thank you for your support!
. Patch 0.63d:
The game was just updated with patch 0.63d:

  • You can now add modifications to armor with weapon mod station
  • When choosing a target, an interface shows if it is in cover from you or not
  • Damage from some high level player weapons is decreased
  • If weapon requires full 2 turns to shoot (sniper rifles , minigun etc.), overwatch will require 2 full turns also
  • Medpack energy price increased to 40 from 20
  • Improved camera angles when picking an action, now the camera focuses more on the target
  • Advanced generator (Battle ship) can now only be built once
  • Fixed some small bugs
. New update 0.57a:
New update was just added to the game:

  • Now you can change different game settings before starting new playthrough, like map size, loot amount, permadeath etc. Please write in the comments if you want to see other game settings added
  • New mission type - destroying an object (generator or planetary cannon)
  • Now on crate gathering, people saving or objective destroying missions reinforcements are being spawn constantly every 4 turns
  • All map sizes decreased for about 20%
  • Different planets now have different active objects - on ships and stations you have weapon crates and healing capsules, and on planets you have healing plants
  • Fixed a couple of different bugs

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