One of the more unique applications we see for MEAN WELL power supplies is in the field of the arts.

LED lighting has been widely used in architectural lighting designs for some time, but we now see it being used to create pieces of illuminated artwork. Many of the lighting installations at this year’s Vivid festival in Sydney used LED lighting to create some pretty amazing effects.Rgb Led Neon light

But not everything is on such a large scale. In fact some of the more interesting works we have seen have been aimed for the domestic market.

Electric Confetti, is an Australian business offering both a custom designed artwork service, as well as offering a range of works through their online shop.In the past, such artworks would have been made with neon lighting. These days Electric Confetti use LED neon flex.

Traditional neon is expensive to make and to run, and has the added disadvantage of being easy to break! Whereas, LED neon flex is durable, flexible and energy-efficient.

The beauty of Electric Confetti’s work is not just in the design of the piece itself, it is also designed so that anyone can install the artwork. There is no need to hire an electrician, as the artwork comes complete with a MEAN WELL GST series power adapter.

After you have chosen the perfect place in your home for your illuminated artwork, you simply plug the power adapter into you power point and you’re done.

The MEAN WELL GST series power adapters have Australian electrical safety approvals and come with a 3 year warranty.Electric Confetti choose MEAN WELL power adapters because MEAN WELL has a global reputation for manufacturing highly reliable, cost effective power supplies.

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