the audience should be left a good impression

Under no circumstances should not be used in the video content that violates the laws of the Russian Federation and the rules of the ArcheAge Gold Cheap . If you are on your channel ever engaged in a variety of dark deeds, the reward will get your mate, keep up the good reputation.

We recommend that participants:

make sure that your hardware works well: the audience should be left a good impression from the view your leadership. If the performance of the game in order, the image is not blurred and are not dazzled, and the microphone is not fonit, then you are on the right track;

clearly convey their thoughts, because the audience will learn from your experience. Creation of training materials - an excellent opportunity to work on diction. Needless to say the nose, stutter, whisper (if you do not try to seduce the audience). Do not hesitate to rewrite poorly articulated moments;

close the cap game chat - the enemy never sleeps and can find out all the secrets of your guild, plans and secrets fraction Assize Court.

The list of possible rewards

We wish you good luck and inspiration! hope that together we can make the world brighter and ArcheAge to help all those in need of guidance, and look forward to your work!

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