The Application Of Coated Webbing

This soft and flexible webbing is newly developed by Guanghai. Guanghai Coated Webbing is proud to provide innovative coated webbing solutions to many markets, including:
Dog Collar and Leash:Custom made Webbing
Compared to nylon webbing, Our webbing is waterproof, durable, easy to clean, abrasion-resistant and features a much more comfortable “hand.”
Our Horse Bridles are superior to leather and nylon because they are lighter, stronger, easier to clean, maintenance-free and more durable. Our coated webbing also could use in horse tack, horse harnesses, western tack, pony tack, horse halters and other applications.

Whether you manufacture patient restraints, evacuation chairs, safe patient handling products or one of many other medical products that require sturdy coated webbings
Whether it’s shoulder pads, chin straps or mountain climbing gaiters, our coated webbing is a perfect fit with its abrasion- and moisture-resistant qualities. In addition, our coating makes the webbing able to be welded or sealed – rather than sewn -- to another coated surface.
Our Coated Webbing has been asked to provide various harness strap solutions for markets where safety is a priority, including the utility and oil rig industries. It features a protective coating that resists electricity, substantially increases abrasion resistance and makes it easy to clean.
Our Coated Webbing serves the military market by providing missile straps for a global security company. The military coated webbing products are unique and designed to withstand combat environments.

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